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 Plantagenet, Julianna, Hunter | Anne Hathaway | Khione
Julianna Plantagenet
 Posted: May 1 2013, 10:38 PM

WRITER: Khione




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You find yourself at my door, Just like all those times before, You wear your best apology, But I was there to watch you leave, And all the times I let you in, Just for you to go again, Disappear when you come back, Everything is better.

27 - equestrian - hunter – anne hathaway

julianna marie plantagenet


HUNTING – Julianna always loved adventure, it was no surprise that she took to hunting like a fish took to water. When Grace introduced Julianna to this world of adventure and hunting monsters, she felt like any number of the heroes from the books she read. Even though she doesn't hunt as much as she used to she does enjoy a good hunt every so often.

SURFING – Right next to horseback riding, Julianna loves taking to the waves on a fiberglass board. The hobby has helped with her overall physical strength and helped her manage her stress. She picked up this sport as a teenager, and has since become a great surfer. What better sport to pick up when you lived about a stone's throw away from the beach?

HORSES – Freedom on four legs. When Julianna is not tending the inn and the bar she would be in the barn, and pastures with her beloved horses. They are her personal source of income, and she had always enjoyed riding. She competes with them as well and so she spends a lot of her time with them in the training paddock. Julianna is the owner of 6 horses on her family's ranch and uses them as lesson mounts as well as her partners in competition. A couple of them are rescued racehorses that she was compelled to take in, and they are lent to guests on the ranch as trail horses.

MYTHOLOGY – As a little girl, Julianna loved reading the myths of old. She loves a good story and she enjoys learning about more of the things that she would be hunting if she ran across them. Her bookcases are filled with books of lore and with fairytale collections. The way that she got into hunting initially was through the stories she heard from Grace. Since then her love of urban legends was just another thing that helped her in her side profession as a hunter.

HIGH FASHION – There is just something about designer clothes that just speaks to Julianna. She is a bit vain, and so she likes to be dressing her best most of the time. Since the family's inn is also a higher end hotel, she does need to look the part and not smell like the barn. Julianna loves getting some of the most recent styles and fashion trends to look her best.

COOKING – Julianna likes to cook. She bakes and she makes much of her own dog and cat food. Most of her horse biscuits are also homemade so she knows what was put into her horse treats. She learned to cook from her mother, and since has turned it into one of her skills. Julianna especially likes to make sweets like turnovers and pie. She finds cooking relaxing and productive so she has gotten used to making food items for her family.


BEER – Ever since she was once drenched in the stuff she has a strong aversion to the smell of beer. She rarely drinks beer, and would rather opt for whiskey or wine. Julianna dislikes the smell of beer, but she will drink it to be polite if she were offered the beverage. Despite that she can tolerate the taste but she still dislikes the smell.

ROACHES – Roaches are the source of many issues that include health department nightmares. She hates roaches for the very reason that they're a sign of an establishment being unclean and possibly unsanitary. That could make her more finicky than many other hunters but she does enjoy cleanliness as a virtue of hers. As the owner of an inn she had learned what is unacceptable and has since developed a deep-seated hatred for roaches.

CONFINEMENT – When she was a preteen, Julianna was bedridden due to an injury that she had gotten from being thrown from the saddle. It was the longest month of her life, and she hated every minute that she was unable to walk on her own. Julianna recognizes her blessing that she was able to walk and ride horses again, but she also felt trapped while she was in such a state. Despite her not being able to go out to hunt as often she doesn't feel too much like a bird in a gilded cage. Her work with her horses helps her feel a bit of freedom, and so her need for open spaces is sated.

CHUPACABRA – Julianna has a long history with chupacabra. It was an attack on her horse that first opened the door to her adventures in hunting. There are occasional attacks on the family's livestock on the ranch and so Julianna has her work cut out for her in pest control. She'd rather that the creatures leave her horses and cattle alone, but for some reason they'd gotten big enough to tackle the large animals. She thus has a great dislike of this particular creature.

SAUERKRAUT – Julianna is allergic to the pickled and fermented cabbage. She had eaten it once and had gotten a severe allergic reaction to it. She has since avoided most German style delicatessen as to not have to run into the pickled food. She wasn't too fond of the flavor to begin with, and so she doesn't have much problem not eating it.

SPIDERS – Julianna has a long lived bad relationship with spiders. Her brothers had a habit of dropping the eight-legged arachnids onto her face as a little girl and they've since scared her. She's the type of person to call on one of her brothers to kill a spider for her. She dislikes many Halloween decorations because of her fear of spiders as well.


HORSEMANSHIP – Growing up on a ranch, Julianna has always been around horses and dogs. Her love of horses helped get her through school and if gave her something to work on. She is usually able to break a green horse fairly quickly, and is usually the one to lead the ranch's trail rides for guests.

EVENTING – Julianna's equestrian sport of choice is eventing. It's among the more difficult disciplines in horse sports, but Julianna loves it a lot. It's adventurous and it tests the endurance of herself and her horse.

MARKSMANSHIP – Grace taught her how to shoot a gun, and later Julianna would go practice shooting with her brothers. They taught her how to care for a gun as well as safety and other essential knowledge of firearms. She also learned this skill so that she could actually be proficient in hunting, especially since the pesky chupacabra that have a habit of attacking their livestock were usually killed with iron rounds.


Julianna always has a mind to take care of her family and friends, and so her allegiances lie with them. As such anyone who she does grow to like will be fortunate to know that she always repays her debts, and would rather not lose friends. She is incredibly loyal to her friends, and family. Julianna naturally holds herself with pride. She feels that she is beautiful and she knows it. She feels that she can do anything if she wants to. A relationship with Julianna is a bit like a forest fire, hard to control and even harder to extinguish. She can be incredibly passionate when she wants to be, and likes to heat things up so to speak. The most positive of trait in Julianna is her purity. This doesn’t mean that she is all around perfect and good, it just means she has high moral standards, and instinctively wants to do the right thing. Whether the right thing is really the right thing, that is left up to debate, but it is what feels correct to her, and it works for her.

She holds her ground and refuses to be nothing in the world. She takes pride in their accomplishments, often making new goals along with her general long-term ideals, so she is always setting rewards for herself and making sure she feels successful in life. She is great at persuasion and sweet talking her way into something that she might want. This is a great trait, because it means she does not have to resolve to brute force and argument, which she would rather not do. Julianna has a roaring self-confidence, which to some can be seen as a bad thing, but really helps her in life quite often. She has an extreme dislike for conflict with regular people, and would rather solve things through words and common sense, rather than resort to violence when possible. She wishes only the best for everyone that she cares about, and is often optimistic. Adventure becomes her, and that’s mostly why she took up hunting as a sort of career. She is also a bit athletic as she has a love of sports like surfing and horseback riding. She indulges her love of athletics to help her stay physically fit, and to keep looking her best.

Once someone gets behind her walls, and sees beyond her unpredictable behavior she can be a gentle sweetheart. She does care about some people deeply and will aid them if she can. Julianna can sometimes come off as apprehensive, but never underestimate the love she has for her family and friends, it is strong and relentless. While Julianna cares little for what people think about her, she does her best to appear polite and professional. She has a vain side to her and she loves to look her best. Others cannot put her down usually, but she can quickly hurt herself, thinking of everything she had ever done wrong and suddenly thinking herself a failure, and to some degree panicking over it. Julianna can also be a perfectionist by nature, getting incredibly frustrated and hurt when things do not go the way she expected them to.

As a hunter, Julianna will likely never get used to killing another person, but if she feels that the deed really needs to be done she will kill the person. However, watching a person be killed is worse for her, and so making the kill is the lesser evil to her. As a general whole, hunting is a thrill for Julianna, but even she can have nightmares about things that go bump in the night. Julianna has learned to manage her stress through her work and beloved activities, while it doesn't work all the time, it does help. She has taken to confiding in her brothers who also help console her and help her deal with whatever shadow is looming over her mind.


(Mother)Brooke Yvonne Anderson Plantagenet (Deceased)
(Father)Joshua Allan Plantagenet (70)
(Brother)Ian Andrew Plantagenet(40)
(Brother)Christopher Nathaniel Plantagenet(38)
(Brother)Eric Leonardo Plantagenet(35)
(Brother)Malachi Abraham Plantagenet(31)
(Brother)Bruce Jeffery Plantagenet(29)

Seaside Paradise Ranch

Established in the late 19th century by Julianna's great great grandparents during the time of the Gold Rush, the Seaside Paradise Ranch is a guest ranch or dude ranch which is a type of ranch oriented towards visitors or tourism. It's an establishment that offers several unique experiences that include horseback riding lessons, trail rides, cattle driving and other such outdoor activities.

As far as the Plantagenet family is concerned their ranch is lead by the family and their trusted employees. Joshua, Julianna's father, is normally on the books, and at the check in desk where he deals with new faces, and customer service. Three of Julianna's five brothers also work in the guest ranch. Ian tends the barns, and leads the cattle driving and trail riding activities. Malachi is usually managing the kitchen staff and housekeeping staff, while Bruce runs their website and deals with the hiring and training of new employees. Julianna's primary responsibilities are towards managing the dining staff, the riding lessons and the care of the horses.

In addition to the jobs filled by the family members that stayed in California the ranch also has several employees that work full time. College students are often recruited to work at the ranch during the summer months. Common jobs offered to college students include: housekeeping, wrangler, dining staff, and office staff or babysitters. Some of these potential employees are offered temporary live in positions especially for those looking for a summer internship on the ranch.


The Plantagenet family had always been fairly wealthy and the long time owner of a ranch just a stone's throw away from the Pacific Ocean. For several generations they had lived on a large plot of land near the mouth of a canyon in Malibu, California. This estate housed several pastures, barns, and along with the main and guest houses where there was also a business in hospitality. They had an inn that also doubled as a dude ranch, Seaside Paradise Ranch, for tourism purposes that brought in extra income. Joshua Plantagenet had inherited the estate at the passing of his parents, shortly after he and his wife, Brooke had their first son, Isaiah.

Their sixth and final child would be their only daughter. Julianna grew up on the ranch, and she grew up around the patrons of the inn. She would see some odd persons once in awhile. They would usually keep to themselves, but they would ask odd questions. Julianna’s first love happened to be a horse named Blackjack. He was a piebald gelded horse who immediately took a shine to Julianna, and he ended up becoming her favorite horse on the ranch. Her time in school had been difficult. She got teased relentlessly for how she lived on a farm. Granted, this only caused Julianna to defy their remarks by growing more confident. She picked up the hobby of surfing, since she did live in Southern California, she learned to surf in the swells that happened upon the coast throughout the year. Her skill on the back of a horse had been her greatest talent by far, and she had a way with the animals. As a teen Julianna began competing in various equestrian events to begin gaining more experience in the field. Soon, Julianna’s major responsibilities on the ranch became the horses and the stables.

Julianna’s first glimpses into the world of hunting happened as a child, when her parents welcomed a woman with red hair and dressed in jeans and boots into their inn. This woman smelled of gunpowder, and she looked strong. She was young, maybe in her late twenties, but Julianna took a shine to her. The woman was named Grace Roberts, and she actually took Julianna under her wing so-to-speak. Julianna had already loved mythology and fairy tales, and Grace shared even more stories with her. Since Grace’s first stay at her family’s inn, she had, for some reason spread the word to others like her. From then on the Plantagenet’s business always had patrons. Grace took to teaching Julianna how to shoot a gun, and telling her about what to look for when it came to the supernatural.

At the age of 10, Julianna was out riding on a trail through the canyon, her horse saw something and spooked. Julianna was thrown off the horse’s back and was severely injured, and she was afraid that she might not even be able to walk again. However given a year, with the help of her father and her horse, Julianna was able to walk and run again like a normal girl. It was during her physical therapy that she had picked up the hobby of kickboxing as a way to get her body into shape for horseback riding. She kept going to the gym to practice this sport to keep up with her strength and reflexes.

One day, when Julianna was about 13 there was a mysterious death of her horse, Blackjack. The horse had three puncture wounds to the chest and had been drained of blood that couldn’t be explained. Several days later there was a cow that had also been taken the same way. The loss of her beloved horse was heartbreaking for Julianna and she took a break from school. It was at this time that Grace had decided to take Julianna with her on this particular hunt. Julianna had hardly experienced something some thrilling, with the exception of riding hunt seat on her horse. That was when Julianna decided that she would make a point of going into this line of work, not just because she found it exciting, but because she had the resources to do so.

Grace taught Julianna everything she knew about hunting the supernatural. Julianna never took to travelling far for her hunts though. However, once in a while Grace would come around and take Julianna on hunts, and brought her home after. They were learning experiences for Julianna and she showed an almost natural talent for the hunt. Julianna went into college to study mythology and anthropology and for some reason these degrees did actually help her with her hunting. Now Julianna takes to staying at home, helping her family out at the guest ranch. She still hunts especially the occasional chupacabra that would mount any sort of attacks on the family’s livestock. Julianna still rides horseback, and she owns a few horses on her parents’ ranch.

In the few years since she'd finished her college education, her mother had passed away due to an acute onset of lymphoma. Due to the loss, Julianna had stuck around home more often and her hunts had become fewer and farther in between. Her responsibilities at home took precedence over her desire to go on an adventure to kill a wendigo or something of a similar nature. So she stays at home in Malibu mostly but helps with hunts in the surrounding areas, and rarely goes farther than a day's drive from her family's guest ranch with the exception of her eventing competitions.

ALIAS: Khione | TIMEZONE: Pacific | GENDER: Female | AGE: 24
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 Posted: Jul 2 2013, 12:00 AM





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Julianna is an excellent read. She displays a unique character, where she stands true to her foundation, but is willing to sacrifice pieces of herself to stand up for what she believes in. She is level headed, and sees reason through chaos. I applaud you on a job well done! See you in game!

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