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 Whitaker, Louis, Alpha Werewolf | James D'Arcy | Chuck
Louis Whitaker
 Posted: Apr 30 2013, 01:10 AM





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Got a curse I cannot lift, shines when the sunset shifts, when the moon is round and full, the transformation takes and bloodlust tanks. My mind has changed, my body's frame but god I like it, my body's strained but god I like it.

22,000 - N/A - Creature - James D'Arcy

louis mercer whitaker


Unlike the generations of werewolves now existing in numerous populace around the world, Louis is the only werewolf of his kind to actually resemble more of a wolf and less of a man when transformed. As the first werewolf, the Alpha, Louis has abilities far exceeding those of the ones he infects. Second, third, and some fourth generation werewolves are capable of controlling themselves, transforming as they will and even refraining from eating human hearts, but only Louis can truly hold back the animal. The full moon, now the half-moon, does nothing to persuade Louis to change other than heighten emotions, needs, and the hunger. For all his time spent as a werewolf, since the moment of his creation, Louis has never eaten a human heart. Because of that he will never lose complete control of himself.

Upon metamorphosis Louis becomes a large, seven foot tall bipedal world. His head, ears, feet, legs, and tail become reminiscent of a white wolf, though teeth and claws are much bigger. Hands remain human in appearance but covered in fur, with wicked-looking claws at the tips of each digit. The wolf shape itself is almost entirely exclusive to Louis, but the second and third generation werewolves have taken on more wolf-like features before (such as pointed ears, slightly extruded muzzles, and even the bent backward shape of the legs).

As a werewolf Louis boasts some measure of strength and speed not found in humans. He can move just slightly faster than the human eye can track, and when in his lupine form he can clock out around sixty miles an hour at top speed. This, coupled with the increased strength of lycanthropy, allows Louis to leap great distances with a running start — almost thirty feet from point of contact left on the ground, to that of landing. On top of his speed and strength, Louis' senses are heightened to several degrees. He can hear the tiniest of sounds in a noisy room, picking apart each one until he can hone in on what he wants. The maximum distance he can see is around five hundred feet at perfect clarity, and his night vision is vastly improved from that of being a human. Taste and touch are also increased sharply, almost overwhelmingly sometimes, and he can scent almost anything by following the trail until it goes cold. This sense of smell can be a bit of a downfall when near particularly overwhelming scents such as garbage or other refuse.

Not much is known about the weaknesses of the Alpha werewolf, and as such Louis is the only one (other than Axel) who knows what limits the monster. Wolfsbane, also known as monkshood depending on what part of the world you're in, is poisonous and can be deadly to Louis. His younger werewolves do not possess this strange weakness, though their own shortcomings are from silver. Louis, being older, is more resistant to silver. The only sure way to kill Louis would be to cut out his heart, and to cut off his head, similar to the way it would be done for a vampire. The catch? The blade used to do so must be silver to cauterize the wounds. While headless means no chance of coming back, Louis is still an Alpha, and stranger things have happened to Eve's firstborn children. A loss of blood could potentially kill Louis, but his power is greater than that of the werewolves he's created, and thus dismemberment is an unknown variable.

As a werewolf he may be able to heal faster, but deeper wounds, broken bones, and even fatigue can get the better of him. It takes almost three days to heal a shattered bone and can be a very painful process. Cuts, bruises, scrapes — the small ones take mere seconds to heal over. Larger gashes or massive slice-wounds will take anywhere from a few hours to almost a day to completely heal, leaving no scars behind. Indeed Louis has managed to perfect his healing so well he took away years off his appearance. Every monster was human once, after all, but just because he was human once didn't mean he couldn't continue to look it.


Twenty-two thousand years can change a man, especially when he wasn't human to start with. How the alphas were born is entirely unclear, but one thing is certain: a piece of Eve remains with them. They are beautiful, ugly, dangerous, and lonesome -- they are everything humanity wishes it could be. This power, this struggle, shapes and forms the very foundation of Louis Whitaker. Quiet, reserved, brazen -- Louis often displays disinterest or lack of social courtesy to most people he meets, already knowing he will never remember them or spend too much time around them. Thousands of years of pain and loss have created a deeper, darker part of him -- a part that wishes it could curl up and die as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Louis is aware how abstract the concept of reality is. He knows there's no chance he'll die without outside intervention, and indeed it's rather difficult to survive every day knowing what kind of monster he is. Fortunately he's gone twenty-thousand years without eating the heart of a human (though accidentally killing people have occurred), and he's tried to keep his body count in self-defense rather than anger or primal rage.

To protect himself and others, Louis has taken to hiding most of his true self. He can be emotional, connected, and happy, but it's so rare for him to feel anything anymore after so much loss. He'd had several lovers, and even the potential for a life mate, but after the humans died and his life mate was killed by a fearful mob in the 16th century, that was it. Louis had decided he would never find another person — would never fall for someone — ever again. So began the centuries long journey in loneliness, which hardened his heart even more. Without social contact Louis never kept up with the current social norms, often looking down on others because of power. This started to wear down as he forgot his "people skills", often running from place to place, country to country. Once the Western world was colonized he made the move, and this opened his eyes to deeper parts of his self, namely in how much of an animal he really was. What he had become (less than human even when not human to begin with) had tainted him, driving him to do stupid things. But he never killed anyone outside of self-defense, and after several hunts by locals to catch and kill him, he went into hiding, losing touch with his humanity even more.

As the 21st century rose up his social contact changed. More people had moved to the Americas; populations and cities rose from the ground up. It became daunting, almost frightening, but Louis held strong. But hunters from ages ago continued to pass their lore and hunt him, and eventually Louis knew he needed to cut ties with his humanity again and drop off the face of the map. This created an ill-will towards all things — both monsters and men — and he can be abrasive when dealing with anyone, anywhere. His anger and rage are contained in a secret place where he holds his darkest memories; from those he loved and lost, to those who want to kill him, all of it is locked away. Louis never talks about his problems and often doesn't want to drag others into the mess he's been since he was born. This agitation can make it difficult to hold on to his humanity around the times of transformation, where it becomes almost impossible even when calm to maintain human form. Louis has become, quite simply, a fractured, broken monster, torn between wanting nothing more than to be human, and embracing the primal rage Eve created him for.


22,000 BCE -- 10,000 BCE
Eve creates her first "children"; the alpha monsters. Starting off as a beast, Louis was not named such but instead held no calling. He simply was. The werewolf took to roaming all areas of land he could reach, attacking and killing anything and everything he could find, but always avoiding the one thing his cravings drove him towards the most: a human heart. He did nothing but eat the flesh and other bits of his human prey, but never the hearts. Thousands of years passed this way, until finally Louis took human shape, gifted with the ability to don the likeness of the humans he surrounded himself with.

10,000 BCE -- 6,000 BCE
Once he took on human form, it was all a matter of fitting in with the rest of humanity. From Jericho to small farming villages in the Middle East, four thousand years were spent traversing the great expanses of the world. Deserts and oceans; great plains and rocky mountains with snow — Louis had been almost everywhere in the time he spent exploring. But he always remained a beast, giving in to primal urges at the height of emotions. Over time he taught himself to gain control when under the influence of the full moon, but every part of his life always ended up the same: he never found a home that he wasn't chased out of eventually. Six thousand years before the Common Era, he settled into the Zagros Mountains maintaining irrigation systems for the local population.

6,000 BCE -- 3,150 BCE
The next three thousand and some-odd years were spent moving across the landscape once again, down into Mesopotamia. Louis witnessed the rise of many cities and human civilization, knowing the world was changing in ways he could not have imagined. His exposure to people gave him some social norm, but he always reverted to his natural primal mind when emotions overwhelmed him, driving him out of city after city, village after village; the same story told at different points of human history. By the end of the hundred and fiftieth year of his three thousand year move, Louis settled into the unified Egyptian Empire, then ruled by King Menes.

3,150 BCE -- 2,200 BCE
Egypt continued to rise, pyramids built and kings coming and going. Several of the royal family knew Louis and worshiped him as the great god Anubis for his shape, and how he often haunted the tombs of the dead. What Louis was searching for was unclear, but he had his place and was not feared as he had been before in many former areas of civilized humanity. He had become a god, casting his influence on all those who bowed before him. But eventually this empowerment grew out of hand and, after changing one of the sons of a nobleman, it had become too much. The Egyptians turned on him and once again he was left wandering the deserts and lands across Africa and finally into the Asian areas where the Xia Dynasty rose after another century.

2,200 BCE -- 1,200 BCE
At the rise of the Shang Dynasty, Louis removed himself from their area and traveled back to Egypt, where the New Kingdom had risen. He settled in again, forthcoming with who the former Kingdom believed him to be. Yet he did not take his place as Anubis amongst them again, though he still allowed them to call him by that name. It was the first time he was recognized as more than just "The Traveler", and he became a source of wonder and respect for royalty and peasants alike. When polytheism was taken down by Amenhotep the Fourth, Louis was banished to the deserts of the Sahara, where he remained in hiding, cared for by local villages outside the farseeing gaze of the royal army. When King Tutankhaman brought all the old gods back, Louis arrived as the once worshiped Anubis, welcomed back into the royal arms of Egypt's highest family.

1,200 BCE -- 500 BCE
The rise and fall of kingdoms and empires came and went, Israel saw David as its first king, and Solomon established the first Jewish temple in Jerusalem. Louis once again set out to see the changing world, coming across the newly-founded city of Carthage and on into Greece for their philosophers and art. He witnessed the first Olympic Games in Greece, and was present for founding of Rome. All myths and legends about lycanthropy began there, with King Lycaon. Louis was the first of his king, but most certainly not the only one present, and his sudden reappearance in many cities throughout the ages began to raise suspicion. For little over two hundred and fifty years he went into hiding once more in the deserts of Egypt, abandoning the home he had found amongst the Greeks.

500 BCE -- 337 BCE
Five hundred years before the Common Era, Louis resurfaced again, bearing witness to the wars between the Persians, the Romans, and the Greeks. Once more he came calling to the people he had grown to love and adore, and though none remembered his name from before, Louis returned as "The Traveler", fighting with the Greek army against the Persians. Soon this war turned into rivalry between Athens and Sparta, and Louis was forced to choose a side. He picked the Romans this time around, tired of fighting for the same cause. The Persians came to the aid of the Spartans and, with their assistance, Athens was conquered and their government torn down. It was at this time Louis faded for nearly two decades to the deserts of the Middle East, only appearing again when King Philip the Second becomes ruler of Macedon.

336 BCE -- 330 BCE
It didn't take long for King Philip the Second to piss off the wrong people, as he was soon assassinated, leaving the Macedonian empire to his son, Alexander. Upon assuming the role of king, Alexander wages many wars against Persia and her empire, to which Louis joins the resulting ranks of soldiers heeding the call. It is during the first six years of Alexander's reign that Louis meets a young man (later to be named Samson) and feels for the first time a human emotion he was not familiar with: love. Almost at first sight he realized he wanted to protect the man, to do what he could to make sure he survived. Thus Louis grew overprotective, always there to watch the other man's back. Even as the battles continued on into Babylon, conquered for the first time, it became too much. Out of fear of being discovered as too familiar, Louis abandoned the army (and the young soldier) and hid himself away in the great city Alexander's army took over.

329 BCE -- 6 CE
Soon Alexander the Great died a horrible death, and his empire was dismantled over time afterwards. Though he'd managed to take over Egypt and establish many more cities along the way, the Carthaginians were his downfall. It was here Louis felt his first real pain of loss, not knowing what happened to that soldier in the army. Still he moved on to fight in many more wars: the First Punic War, the Second Punic War, the battle of the Romans and the Macedons, and finally the Third Punic War. A werewolf who has no place among humanity deserved nothing more than violence and anger, and from there Louis did as he was told under the leaders he pledged fealty to. The rise of Rome and the fall of Julius Caesar; empires becoming and destroying — Louis was seeing it all from an outside perspective and he didn't want to become involved after all the fighting.

7 CE -- 50 CE
After fifty years of wandering to any and all place he could find, Louis finally settled in Londinium (which would soon be called London), and decided to remain for as long as he could. It was here he found some settling roots, and kept himself hidden from most of the world to maintain some semblance of normality. The woodlands in the surrounding area were his home away from home, and he was free to be the animal he was born as.

51 CE -- 225 CE
For almost a hundred years Louis continued to roam the British countryside, picking up the language and mannerisms of many of the native tribes and barbarians. Soon a wall was built around Britian (called Hadrian's Wall), and Louis was privy to the struggle between the Romans and the British natives. Angered by the audacity of a civilization he once called "friend", Louis joined one of the local tribes in revolt, waging small battles against the Roman intruders. He was captured alongside a small group, and despite the various amounts of torture he was put through, as well as sold into slavery to fight in gladiator arenas, he maintained his humanity over his primal rage.

226 CE -- 410 CE
Several Roman emperors rose and fell in the Eastern and Western empires, respectively, but towards another hundred years Constantinople becomes the center of the Roman empire. More battles are waged, but Louis chooses to remain as a slave, moved from village to village, city to city, serving both emperors and those who could buy slaves alike. Soon the bestial part of him is dampened by a lack of will to live. Towards the end of the Roman empire, a revolt occurs between Britain and the Romans , forcing them to free all slaves that were of British descent. From his time spent with their people, Louis permanently acquired a distinctly British accent, though rougher than those because of his Greek and Roman influences over the last thousand some-odd years. His last battle with gladiators revealed his true nature, and upon transforming into his massive werewolf form, he was feared and chased away to live in the British countryside.

411 CE -- 500 CE
The next hundred years sees more of the British countryside invaded, sacked, and many innocent villagers murdered. Abhorred by all who remembered the stories of his shifting, Louis disappears towards the coastlines, traveling next to the ocean and the seas (respectively) before ending up in the kingdom of Italy.

501 CE -- 836 CE
Centuries continued to pass as wars waged and lands were conquered, everything and nothing making sense. But Louis continued to defend the people he loved, including a young man named Angelo whom he discovered in Venice. He learned the meaning of love, doing what he could to make sure his life was as normal as possible. But one day that changed as someone he'd thought long gone from his past made another appearance. A werewolf whose name Louis could never have possibly remembered, had arrived from Africa to claim dominance over the alpha. Revenge was the name of the game, and this werewolf did everything he could to kick Louis while he was down — including taking Angelo's life. All the pent-up rage of centuries festering came about, thrown into the monster that had slain Louis lover. No matter the revenge it was too late, and Louis abandoned Italy for Britain once more.

837 CE -- 1200 CE
The vikings had moved through and taken all they could from London, but it was still standing strong and moved on into a new age. From would-be conquerors to crusades, England and the surrounding countryside continues to thrive. Eventually things calm down and the crusades are brought to a halt.

1201 CE -- 1402 CE
England begins to create enemies in Scotland and France, forcing an alliance against the English civilizations. Louis wanted to defend what he felt he needed to, but he instead ran, hiding in the hillsides and avoiding all social contact as best he could. Two hundred years and he lost touch with his human self, reverting to the werewolf he was born to be. As England rose and fell from leader to leader, kings and religious men alike, Louis was no longer a man but an animal. Fear started to boil in the villages nestled in hills and forests, spurring myths and legends about the werewolf and those who could walk in the shape of a wolf. So centuries long hunts for witches and other devil-worshipers began. Many English citizens were already killed because of the Black Plague, but fear made humanity show its true colors.

1403 CE -- 1600 CE
Religion became all-powerful, and only pain and suffering followed in the wake of the Church's rise. Louis once more became a man, finding himself captured and imprisoned on charges of witchcraft for his mangy look and his suspicious ways. They kept him for ten years in a cell, torturing him daily until he finally confessed to his "crimes". On the night of his supposed hanging, Louis shifted and massacred the entire congregation in self-defense. Not once did he eat a human heart, though the temptation had become something terribly fierce. His own fear and self-doubt drove him to returning to the outlying villages, but their superstitions proved too much. Thus Louis found himself on the maiden voyage to the new world in search of India, and with the pilgrims he arrived in what would one day be America.

1601 CE -- 1774 CE
Colonization continued, but Louis disappeared from the colonies over time, striking out on his own into the wilderness towards the west of the continent. Louis could not risk being found out as a monster, for the witch hunts were still very strong as time continued to pass. But the colonies grew discontent with control from the British Empire, and revolted. Thus began the American Revolution.

1775 CE -- 1783 CE
Louis, seeing the profound need for freedom and having yearned for it himself time and time again, joined the ranks of the colonists who wanted to fight back against the British; to chase them out of their lands and claim a country all their own. Their immediate distrust was evident, but Louis soon proved himself loyal to the colonies and their revolution, fighting for what finally felt right. At the end of the war, the United States was born and the British army fled back to their homeland.

1784 CE -- 1860 CE
The world continued to turn; men grew more and more hungry for power, and thus the Constitution was created and Louis lived happily amongst the states themselves, moving constantly and never staying in one place for longer than a year or two. It became rough, but he started to move west again, blending in to the countryside and learning he was more than just a monster. But war was declared against the United Kingdom, and the United States fare well until the end, when a treaty was signed that set everything right again.

1861 CE -- 1865 CE
With the ever-expanding Americas continuing to swell in population and size, war broke out from within, to which the rest of the world turned a blind eye. The American Civil War saw Louis involved, but only because of a young man he learned to trust and eventually romanced; a man nicknamed Hal who was a soldier for the Union. Louis agreed with the fight against slavery in the end, and while he fought valiantly at Hal's side, their love could not last. The alpha lost his new mate to the First Battle of Lexington. The devastation and pain caused Louis to flee the battalion he was part of, and for the first time in hundreds up on hundreds of years, he grieved as a human being and not as a monster.

1866 CE -- 1913 CE
The Civil War ended, but Louis pain did not. For a time he tried to starve himself several times, the conflict of his humanity versus the bestial rage he was born with creating a personal civil war all his own. For decades he continued to suffer until finally he gave in to his inhumanity and disappeared into the American West. For a time there was nothing, until he resurfaced again a new man — less human.

1914 CE -- 1918 CE
Anger and aggression were all he knew, so Louis joined with the American Army to fight in World War I, taking to the trenches the same as America's British allies were. Killing the enemy was all that mattered; eliminating those who oppressed anyone and anything, stealing their freedom. It was at this time Louis realized he was more human than human, and by being in touch with his animal side he would continue to survive and thrive. Being torn between what he was supposed to be and what he was drove him nearly to the point of insanity.

1919 CE -- 1938 CE
Though the war had ended, Louis knew it would not last. A wave of deeper depression started to consume him, and upon realizing he was simply lonely, Louis went out to find a mate he could make like him — someone to share eternity with. Michael, that was his name, and he became the sole love of Louis' long, long life. Decades were spent together, and soon the world entered into another war. Louis was more than willing to fight by his mate's side, for there was nothing in the world that could harm them but silver and being ripped apart.

1939 CE -- 1945 CE
Once America became involved they were there on the front lines, fighting through gunshot wounds and down into the trenches, even further on up into Germany and lasting until America withdrew her troops. Death did not come from battle, but the war was won. Yet all that happiness would never last, and Louis had the deep feeling of dread buried within his soul.

1946 CE -- 2010 CE
America had become a home again, with Louis and Michael building a life for themselves in the American Northwest. On one particular full moon, however, Michael was corned by some of the locals at a bar, to which they didn't respond well to having seen the man with Louis on countless occasions, and not just as friends. When Michael's true nature was revealed death was slow and agonizing. They stabbed him again and again with a silver blade, and finally took Michael's heart. Louis arrived too late and was left to mourn the passing of the only other person whom he felt would understand him and love him. To the woods he went, going underground but not from the rage building up. No, this time it was to die. For years he went to ground in caves and mountains, picking fights with any animal he could to see if they'd finally kill him. But he was too strong. It was when hunters took notice of him that Louis started to realize just how dangerous life was. They tried to kill him again and again, before he finally outsmarted them by taking shelter with a human. No hunter was stupid enough to drag the innocent into it, but Louis had found someone who accepted him for who — and what — he was. That man was Axel Frisk.

2010 CE -- 2011 CE
Louis was given shelter from those who wanted him dead, moving in with Axel and accepted despite his feral nature. The woods were still his home, and the seclusion of Axel's home provided him the benefit of secrecy. For nearly a year Louis refused to leave the house except to go hunting on the full moon, and even then he'd leave and return before the human would awaken or when he wasn't home. They grew more comfortable with one another, and over time Louis started to find his affections growing on the human. The alpha told himself never again, closing off his past, his present, and potentially his future to the only human who would respect him. Axel was not interested, and so Louis focused on the things which mattered most — his own personal safety, and what was to become of his children.

2012 CE
The return of Eve was felt the moment she left Purgatory, and the primal side of Louis began to emerge again. Nightmares, urges he could barely control, the deaths of his children at the hands of hunters — he felt it all in hypersensitive passing. His senses were overwhelmed, and for nearly three weeks he didn't leave the basement at Axel's home. To make things even more complicated, Gunnar (Axel's younger brother) had come to study abroad from Sweden, making the already edgy alpha werewolf even more wary of what might become of him.



The metallic, coppery tang of someone — or something's — blood stung against Louis' tongue, making him grimace. He should have been able to smell what he'd attacked, what he'd taken down, but it was starting to blur along the fine edges of sense with the heaviness of the blood on him. It made him feel sick for just a moment, but soon that animal instinct appeared. Glancing up now towards the moon — round and bright — he tilted his head back, standing where he could bask in the white glow. For just a moment he was at peace, the cool night air having yet to grow heavy with humidity and stickiness. Michigan wasn't an ideal place for a werewolf to live, though no city really was. The forest was a better place for him to hide, to keep himself away from all civilization, safe and sound. Hunters would be out searching for him eventually, thinking him just another wolf. He'd killed dozens in his lifetime, but the most recent had been near a year ago, around the same area. Whatever her name had been she'd been asking for it, waving the shotgun with silver pellet rounds in his face. He was no ordinary werewolf; he'd tried to tell her that. He had never eaten a human heart, never turned to the primal part of him. She wasn't as understanding as he'd hoped the hunters were in modern times. After she tried to shoot him, grazing him with only a couple of the pellets in her wide spray, he'd ripped her throat out.

Now he was left remembering what it felt like to have human blood on his taste buds, how significantly sweeter it had been compared to deer or elk. This was elk blood on him. He must have felled the beast somewhere back in the grotto he'd been sheltering himself in. A small cave attached to the canopy of thick trees to help him hide from planes and other overhead machinery. A small stream connected to it, though the frequency of hikers was rare even for the alpha to see. Once he'd had his share of nostalgia, Louis turned away from the moon and started his trek back to the alcove; a home that would never quite be a home.

From behind him the ring of gunfire alerted his senses, back on hyperactivity. How could he not have heard them coming? Louis felt his heart start to race, tempted to turn and run on all fours as the monster inside him. No, he decided he could hide from whoever was out there in human form better, even without clothing.

Quickly he moved through the trees, reaching out only twice to help him turn sharply. They didn't have hunting dogs with them, generally meaning they were supernatural hunters than those who sought out deer or other venison. Louis' heart wouldn't slow down, and he already felt the urge to change come on thicker, suffocating him with fight or flight. The hunters had not harmed him quite yet, allowing the alpha to reserve his worst tendencies for when they did corner him. Like an animal trapped in a pen; that's what they usually did, herding him around.

Another shot echoed in the darkness and pain flared along Louis' left flank, drawing a yelp from the alpha even before he hit the forest floor, wet leaves and damp soil clinging to him. One hand at his side, pulled away covered in dark black. Blood. His own blood. The burn and searing fire clawing its way up his left side alerted him to the presence of silver. Claws extended out of his fingertips, just enough to dig into the wound to pull out the small bullet. At least they hadn't used shotgun pellet rounds. The last thing he wanted was a need to hide while he pulled each one out meticulously. Wouldn't do him any good to get killed now after thousands of years of life.

The smell of another human permeated Louis' senses, but it was different. Worried? A twinge of fear, maybe at the dark? The werewolf weakly climbed to his feet, starting through the woods again as the hunters behind him closed in. He was doing the only thing he could — follow the smell. Maybe he'd find pity in this other individual who appeared on the alpha's radar; or maybe it was a hunter playing stupid. No, he'd be able to tell the different. Most hunters smelled strongly of gunpowder and oil; of blood and rot. They were all monsters, more than Louis thought he himself was. He'd never hurt anyone unless they hurt him first (except for those few times he'd lost control in the beginning, creating more "children" than he would have liked).

Someone was standing on the porch of a house, secluded and out of sight due to a thick treeline. Louis stumbled out of the underbrush, hand clinging to his side, covering the wound that was still bleeding. It would for another hour or so in small trickles, but loss of blood wouldn't kill him; he replenished it too fast. He'd had worse anyway. "Hey!" He waved with his other hand before dropping to his knees. Footsteps in the trees, snapping twigs — the hunters weren't exactly being quiet, were they?

ALIAS: Chuck | TIMEZONE: Arizona | GENDER: F | AGE: 24
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 Posted: May 3 2013, 10:14 PM





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LOUIS IS AMAZING! <3 Yes, he is absolutely amazing. I feel the need to compliment your ability to distinguish him from the regular werewolves - since he is the alpha - and I find it impressive how much time and effort went into building this application. The history is very well researched, and your application makes me empathize with Mr. Whitaker. He seems so old, and lonely, and dare I say it - a little bit lost? He is beautifully complex, and I really look forward to seeing him in play!

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