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 The Plot
 Posted: Mar 18 2013, 01:54 PM





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“The biggest lies we save for ourselves. We play a game in which we are gods, in which we make choices, and the current follows in our wake. We pretend a separation from the wild. Pretend that a man’s control runs deep, that civilization is more than a veneer, that reason will be our companion in dark places. I have heard the languages of apocalypse, and now I shall embrace the silence.”
Purpose — the deep seated motivation which drives us all forward. We cannot know where its destination will be, nor where along said path it will take us; whether to salvation, or damnation. We believe that we know ourselves better than all others possibly could, and in this belief we have sealed our fates. Beyond all else our shortcoming is we cannot see the whole picture, and yet we still act out our part in it. We live in a society where the most common misconception is the world is divided into black and white — good and evil, with no shades of gray. The greatest lies are the ones we tell ourselves, believing from day to day that we are the rulers of the world. While it is true we create and destroy, we exist within a lie. While we shuffle about in a daze every day a war is being fought beneath our very noses; one we are too blinded by our own self-importance to see. Our world balances on the edge of a knife, challenging us to rise and see the unseen.

The world has changed — and so have the Fates. Many lives will be sacrificed in the coming war, most of them pointlessly, for this is no ordinary struggle. This is a cataclysm; the greatest disaster all of Creation will witness. If not averted, our world will be soaked in the blood of saints, sinners and martyrs. In this endless waltz between light and dark the promise of survival and redemption has long since been forsaken. While demons rise to remind humanity why they suffer, the angels neglect their celestial duties; busying themselves instead in an angelic civil war. With this distraction a new evil has emerged from the darkness — new evil named, somewhat appropriately, Eve. Her monsters have taken their first steps toward global domination, sparking the attention of the new king of Hell, Crowley. The Demon King seeks to make a deal with the Mother of All Monsters to protect his own from her children, joining forces with her for his own selfish reasons. If this deal succeeds what will become of the world as we know it?
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