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 Fitzpatrick, Patrick, Witch | Hal Ozsan | Falstaff
Patrick Fitzpatrick
 Posted: May 8 2013, 12:16 AM

WRITER: Falstaff

900 YRS. OLD



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Now the only thing a gambler needs, Is a suitcase and trunk. And the only time he's satisfied Is when he's on a drunk. Oh mothers tell your children Not to do what I have done. Spend your lives in sin and misery In the House of the Rising Sun

900 - Gambler - Witch - Hal Ozsan

Patrick Fitzpatrick


Tall, dark, and impressionable: Some of his most salient characteristics appear in his physical appearance. He is well groomed, and only wears the softest materials. It is not because he values materialistic possessions, so much as he is very much about his own comfort. For example, it is not beyond him to wear a checkered sweater accompanied by sweatpants around the house as long as he's warm.


Patrick Fitzpatrick was a cheerful bloke, once. For the majority of his years, Patrick had it all. He had a woman. He had the looks. He had hundreds of years of magic up his sleeve, just waiting to impress it's next customer, but now? Now he is just another man, struggling with his own issues, and turning to a mixture of substance abuse and gambling.

He is a traveler, and likes to keep on the move. He never stays in one place long, since the nature of his magic is high risk, and will never go undetected. He is a skilled card player, and has been for several hundred years. He lives out of hotels and motels, since he is not one to keep in a place for long. However, before his girlfriend died at his hand, he used to invest in better housing arrangements. Now, with his depression eating him alive, he cannot be bothered to do so anymore.

Struggling as he is, Patrick still enjoys high-risk poker against mortals who often find themselves at a serious lack of experience in comparison to his own. To quote Bobby Singer "He's been playing his hand since men still wore tights!" Patrick is not known for turning down a challenge, but often refuses to play years against those too close to death. He's a witch, not a murderer, and to Patrick there is a distinct difference between the two.


Honest - Patrick values honesty, and has never condoned cheating. While some believe it is because he is a sore loser, the truth is he just enjoys a good game. He believes that honesty is endangered in the world, evolved as it is. He loathes cheaters, and often will act as karma’s right hand when a lesson needs to be learned. That being said, Patrick is an exceptionally honest individual, who is easy to get to know, if one can get through his outer shell.

Crafty - Ever coined the phrase "It takes one to know one"? So has Patrick. He has not always been an honest man, meeting Lea inspired him to change his ways, however Patrick remains a master of magic. He knows how to deceive others, how to steal, and ultimately: How to set them up to take the fall. It is wise to re-evaluate ones options before double-crossing this lad. He is not above grabbing a con by the jewels and twisting them off.

Wise - Living for 900 years has it's way of changing ones outlook on the world. For Patrick, it has made him more patient, and far more observant. However, unlike many other elder creatures on the planet, and oh certainly he knows about other creatures, he has chosen to stick with one skill set to excel in. He has become a monster with cards, however living for so long has gifted him with mercy. Mercy that could have benefited him in his earlier years.


Straightforward - The type to call a spade a spade: Patrick doesn't sugarcoat the truth much. He is blunt and to the point, as he believes his company is mature enough to handle the truth. Not to mention, he feels that sugarcoating, and dancing around the facts, is a form of dishonesty. Unfortunately for him, his challengers aren't always quite as mature as he credits them for, and sometimes his bluntness leads to discomfort and disagreements. He is blunt to a fault, as being overly blunt tends to be interpreted as aggressive behavior.

Overconfident - Frequently, this witch underestimates anyone who crosses his path. He is certain that living for 900 years has made him the best at what he does. After all, the art of cards is all hidden in its presentation. Occasionally he will throw a game just to keep the other party interested, and fold his hand even if he is winning. However, he seems to believe that lady luck will always be on his side.

Disconnected - After Lia demanded that he let her go, and play a game of poker "all in", he has become somewhat detached from his work. He plays to keep himself occupied. Nothing more, nothing less.


With the exception of Sam Winchester, nobody else is even clued into the idea that Patrick has lost his life partner. He is greatly emotional when the topic of Lia surfaces in conversation, or in his mind. He had walked alone before, but it had been a very long time ago. He can remember it clear as day, the joy that painted her face when she made the decision to leave her past behind her, and run away with him madly in love, agreeing to stay with him for the rest of her days. She had brought up the idea of dying with him prior to meeting the Winchesters, but letting her go was not something he could do lightly.

He felt as though she had stopped loving him overnight. He began spoiling her, doting upon her, anything to get her to love him as much. However, in the end, it was still the words "all in" that took her out of his life for good. From that day on, anytime he hears the words "all in", he imagines his girlfriend sitting across from him. Her pleading eyes, begging for release from the prison called life. His crushed spirits and dreams at the reality of the situation. Feeling that he deserves it, he continues to play hand after hand, sometimes throwing his own years away in the process due to his own new found weakness.


Telekinesis - One of the first powers that Patrick discovered, after establishing a deal with his demon, was that he was able to move things using only his mind. He channels this ability through his hands, and has mastered it over his nine-hundred years, making it extremely powerful in the process.

Invulnerability - Perhaps one of his favorite tricks, Patrick has become quite skilled at casting a magical barrier, which is invisible to others, which makes him highly resilient to most forms of harm or injury. The spell is quick, and he often uses this ability to lure the owners of vehicles out, so he can steal their ride. However, being temporarily invulnerable does not always prevent pain.

Magic - Although Patrick has the ability to use a vast array of spell work, he generally sticks to using it only to shield himself, and to swap the age of one person with another. It is through magic that Patrick has found his longevity.

Limited Reality Warping - Patrick can make things appear differently than how they really are, by warping reality to his whim. He is not as powerful as other supernatural beings, but he'll take what he can get.

Biokinesis - Biokinesis is a more defined practice of Telekinesis. It allows Patrick to manipulate/control organs, blood, and the entire human body. However, this is not Mind Control. For example, he once forced Sam Winchester to take a seat, much against his own will.


Patrick Walsh was born in Bannow, County Wexford in 1112 in Ireland, to a soap maker and a farmer. Coming from a poor family, had several disadvantages, but going hungry wasn't one of them for the family of Walsh. In fact, because they were the proud owners of a vegetable farm, they were quite rich in potatoes for their rather vast family. Patrick was one of seven children, four sisters, and a brother. Coming from such a large family was considered an oddity in his time. As a result, his family was believed to be blessed by the Lord, and was especially praised during the time of the reform for the Irish Church. In fact, small pieces of Bannow had even started to believe that his family were saints.

At two years old, Patrick crossed the ferry to the city for the first time. While he was not old enough to remember his journey, he would later be told tales of it - For it was when his father had died at 22 years old (which was quite elderly at the time) from a bad case of measles.

Every weekend, he and his family gathered at the common markets, selling the soap that his siblings had carved, and the candles that his mother had made. At harvest, the family contributed crops, and fresh made jams to the people of Wexford. However, the era was anything but peaceful. It had only been ten years since Brian Boru had turned against their King Máel Sechnaill, and forced him into submission, proclaiming himself king over the whole of Ireland. By 1011, Ireland had faced multiple rebellions, leaving much of the land scarred.

During this era, much of life went accordingly, and as it was expected. Being the youngest in his family, he watched his siblings and mother pass away one by one. Picked off by old age (25) or various illnesses. As Patrick matured to the age of twenty, he was approached by a beautiful young woman in the church, who offered to give him everything in exchange for nothing. She promised the impossible: Longevity, and a life filled with adventure, in exchange for his assistance. Now, Patrick wasn't much of a believer, and didn't get all caught up in the religious tradition that had swept over Wexford, instead he remained an athiest. A non-believer.

So when the young girl stated that she would take his soul in return, the power hungry, brash, and irresponsible shadow of who Patrick is today replied with: "Aye, let's make a deal, lass," and as a result was entrusted with power. But with power comes sacrifice. The demon taught him how to gamble then, promising to lend him good fortune at every table, until he got into the cradle of it. It took quite a while before Patrick discovered that his niche and true potential lay in the game of cards. What most don't know, is that every person that dies as a result of losing to Patrick sacrificies their soul by proxy to the crossroad demon who made him into what he is. A witch. After he moved for the first time, he changed his last name to Fitzpatrick just for a little bit of fun.


The music booming from the speakers did a number on Patrick's head. Sure, he was long-lived, but that didn't make him any less human. Nevertheless, a familiar crooked smile took the place of his should-have-been annoyed mask. ”Are you sure you wanna  do that, lad?” The bluff was simple, yet effective, as the man folded across from him. For a split second, the nine-hundred year old witch believed that lady luck had been in his favour. Then it happened.

The red chips were pushed forward, not a single one to spare. Closing his eyes, exasperated, Patrick complied and pushed his white ones forward before the other one could say the two words that could crush his all ready wavering spirits.

”All right.” He reluctantly agreed, his voice lost to the loud dubstep echoing through Raising the Bar. He had reckoned he had been to every bar in the continent multiple times by now, but this one was still his favourite. It had given him a chance to rest his head for a while, and slow his usual quick paced lifestyle, and after losing Lia, perhaps even God had smiled down on the condemned spirit in his wake. ”Excuse me, a Pint of Gat if you would.”

The redheaded waitress looked as confused as he was thirsty. Toothpick in his mouth, Patrick gracefully took the twig in his hand and presented the youth with a full grin. ”You're a beauty, has anyone told you that?” He complimented, placing his cards face down on the table, his hand resting idly over them. ”Might I trouble you into retrieving two Pints? Of Guinness, please?” Sure he had doubled the order, but he had to keep his customer happy, that was part of the show.

A little under a year ago, Patrick might have genuinely cared about his challengers, but now it was just routine. It seemed that he had lost a bit of pep in his step since the night that Lia had left him. It didn't matter where he went, he saw her everywhere. Heard her in every one of his patrons. Turning to face the player seated across from him, he lifted his cards once again. "You're go, if you feel up to losin'." He consented, leaning back smugly into his chair.

ALIAS: Falstaff | TIMEZONE: GMT+1 | GENDER: M | AGE: 21+
 Posted: Jul 2 2013, 12:00 AM

WRITER: Khione




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Can I just hug him? God, I'm going to sob when I get to that episode, aren't I? Anyway, Patrick's lovely. No, this application doesn't suck. Yes, I'm sure. Absolutely sure. I've been doing this longer than some players have been alive. Seriously. It's fine. Shut up and go post. <3

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