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 Breaden, Lisa, Human | Cindy Sampson | Lish
Lisa Braeden
 Posted: May 3 2013, 05:08 PM


Yoga Instructor



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I take a day to tell myself
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33 – Yoga Instructor – Civilian – Cindy Sampson

Lisa Elaine Braeden



Ben: Lisa is a devoted single mother and has given everything she has to raise Ben with as much normalcy as possible. Many times Lisa has attempted to find a suitable father figure for Ben, feeling guilty for not having his actual father around, but since Ben met Dean, Ben refuses to accept anyone else, making the world of dating very difficult.

Yoga: Lisa has found a passion in teaching yoga to all ages, taking part in the calming effect that it has on people. When Lisa is having a difficult day, she can turn to work and feel her problems disappear, if only for the time it takes to teach a class.

Cooking: There is also a passion in cooking sit-down family dinners. Most of the time, it’s only her and Ben, and that’s alright. Large meals with lots of sides and possibly even dessert are a normalcy within the Breaden household.


Dating: It’s a harsh world out there and Lisa isn’t getting any younger. She tries, but Ben is never happy with the guys she meets, and because of that she cannot be happy with them either.

Fighting: Lisa is in no way a fighter. She hates arguing with Ben to do homework and certainly isn’t ready to step out and do some kickboxing. If it comes down to Ben’s safety, however, Lisa will go to the ends of the Earth to protect him.


Super Mom: Being a single mother, Lisa has developed the parenting skills of two, all rolled into one pretty package. She is definitely the person to call if your child is acting out or you need to run an errand and there are no babysitters available.

Emotional Rock: Lisa was once Dean’s emotional rock, though now she’s only there for Ben. Helping him through his teenage years as best she can without a man around, Lisa somehow finds the right words to say.

Yoga: Aside from physical strength, yoga gives Lisa some of her mental strength. With time to think on her life, Lisa has come up with many life answers while working.


Ben: Ben has Lisa wrapped around his finger and though she takes a stern stance with him, she also gives into him much of the time. Now that he is growing up, Lisa is even more worried about him, mostly that he will get the notion he can be more like Dean, which is Lisa’s worst nightmare.

Dean: As much of a weakness as Ben is, Lisa can’t help but feel lightning bolts whenever Dean is around. Even without memories of their complicated relationship, Lisa felt it in the hospital, curious if she would ever run into the stranger again.

Human: Lisa is just as human as the next person, and as such, she makes mistakes. She doesn’t have powers to protect herself or superior knowledge to guide her. Lisa is simply a mother, trying to do what she feels is best for herself and her son.


Lisa’s childhood was normal, almost. Her parents were just fine, quite lovely people actually, which is probably why she rebelled so hard. The more they wanted her to study, the more she didn’t do her work. Don’t date him? Lisa ran to those guys. Not wanting to be bound by anyone else’s rules, Lisa ran her own life, did her own things.

She did fine in school, a smart girl really, she was just lazy about her schoolwork. As the end of high school neared, Lisa had no plans for the future, other than to make it on her own, on her own terms. During her senior year, she found the yoga studio where she started taking classes. By the end of the summer, Lisa was working part time for the studio, teaching children.

By nineteen she was working as a full-time instructor, living on her own and things were perfect. That was when she first laid eyes on Dean Winchester, in a restaurant. She was alone when the young man approached her, looking for a companion for the night. Lisa had a type back then, and the leather-jacket wearing Dean fit it perfectly. Back at her place, she had the best night of her life, a memory that has always been hidden in the back of her mind.

Immediately after Dean left town, Lisa found a biker and spent a night with him, resulting in a pregnancy. Nineteen and pregnant, Lisa was scared like any other young single mother, though she was determined to raise her son. Benjamin Braeden was born, and he became the most important guy in her life. As the years passed, Lisa delighted in watching him grow and learn, it almost seemed as though she could fill the gap of a missing father, but she knew deep down Ben was hurting.

For years Lisa tried to find the right guy, dating here or there when Ben was away at a friend’s. Trying her best to hide that part from Ben, Lisa’s worst fear was Ben attaching to a man that just wasn’t going to stick around long-term. Each guy Lisa dated ended in a failure, leaving Lisa to think that it might just be her and Ben, something she was growing okay with. While she longed to give Ben a father figure, she had to keep him safe first.

On his eighth birthday, Lisa was frantically running around the house making sure everything was perfect when another guest arrived at the door. Opening it, Lisa came face to face with Dean Winchester, the man from her past. Though she didn’t invite him in, he came in anyway, meeting Ben. Lisa told Dean that it wasn’t his kid. He wasn’t ready for kids. In that one day, all of Lisa’s hidden emotions came back up and trying to deny that she loved the man who passed through her life 9 years ago was getting harder.

It didn’t last long, when Dean told Ben to physically confront a bully. His intentions were good, but Lisa sent him away. Naturally, he didn’t go far when unexpected things began happening around town, Dean was there to the rescue, keeping Lisa safe. Ben had been replaced with a changeling, which Dean and Sam promptly killed, returning the real Ben safely back to his mother. Dean and Lisa then discussed the paternal situation again, to which Lisa stuck to her answer, Dean is not the father. He did, however, keep Ben alive, which is what a father-figure should do. Asking him to stay, Dean refused and explained that his life hunting the Supernatural could never blend with her family life.

Once again Dean walked out of her life, leaving a hole in her heart that never did fill up. Content as a single mother, Lisa continued her career as a yoga instructor and single mother.

Three years seemed to fly by, taking over the yoga studio and managing it, as well as moving to a new home. Providing Ben with everything she could financially, Lisa saw the boy’s need for a father growing with every year. As if on cue, Dean dropped by one afternoon while Ben was at baseball, dropping a bomb on Lisa about things turning ugly, fast. And then he was gone again, leaving Lisa to wonder if she would ever hear from him again.

Days went by and Lisa tried to ignore the news as the world seemed to explode, going crazy. There were freezes and other insane weather conditions on every channel. When the knock came on her door, Lisa opened it, shocked to see Dean alive. Lisa’s initial joy quickly turned to sorrow when she realized just how much pain Dean was in. It would take a little bit, but Lisa would eventually learn of Sam and Adam’s deaths. For that night, however, Lisa simply comforted Dean.

They lived together for a year, a happy family, or as happy as they could be. Lisa knew that Dean had never gotten over losing Sam, and possibly never would. There was nothing she could do there, other than be the best faux-wife she could be. Things felt good, and normal, for a while. Without warning, Dean became increasingly paranoid, even trying to shoot a neighbor’s dog. Confronting Dean proved useless, as he tried to brush it off. It didn’t take long before the answer became clear, when Sam suddenly resurfaced from the dead.

Learning that her and Ben were not safe in their own house, Dean moved them to Bobby’s house for protection. Lisa and Ben stayed with Bobby for a few long days as Dean and Sam did their thing, leaving the three behind. Eventually, Lisa moved into yet another house in Battle Creek, Michigan, trying to bring some normalcy back to their lives.

Once more, Dean showed up to break that normalcy. Ever the protective man, Dean refuses to let Lisa and Ben leave the house, even yelling at Ben over it. He apologized of course, explaining that he only wanted them safe. Telling Dean he could no longer stay with them broke Lisa’s heart, but she had no choice. Dean didn’t want to stay, he wanted to be with Sam, and so Lisa let him go.

Not long afterwards, Dean seemed to appear in her bedroom, acting very strangely. Telling Lisa she needed to stay away from him, Lisa ignored him and tried to get closer, only to be shoved against a wall. Following Dean to the hallway, Lisa tried again to get Dean to talk to her, until he shoved Ben as well. Seeing Ben hurt snapped Lisa out of it as she ended it completely with Dean. She later called him to tell him that his relationship with Sam wasn’t healthy, unsure why she had been so honest.

Finally gaining a normal life, Lisa began to really date again. Ben was unhappy, but like any fourteen year old, Ben’s moods were constantly shifting. Ben decides to interfere in her dating life by calling Dean to the house, though it once again doesn’t work out. This time Lisa found a new guy, Dr. Matt. Things were good, until monsters broke into her home and killed Matt, kidnapping Lisa and Ben. Once more Lisa’s life was turned upside-down, as she was possessed by a demon, threatening to cut Ben’s throat when Dean showed up. As usual, Dean saves the day, but not before the demon stabbed Lisa’s body. Dying from her wounds, Dean rushes Lisa to the hospital, only to hear that she won’t make it. When Castiel arrives and heals Lisa, Dean requests that all memories of him be erased, which Castiel agrees to. Awake, Dean tells Lisa that he is the guy who caused the car wreck, and walks away.

Lisa couldn’t help feel an attraction to the handsome stranger that hit her and Ben, though he little more than a fleeting memory with a face she can’t seem to forget.

Dark haired curled and falling around her shoulders, Lisa took one last look in the mirror before she took a deep breath and left the bathroom. Stepping into black heels, Lisa had chosen the only little black dress she owned, telling herself she wouldn’t let this opportunity slip through her fingers. Ben was on a camping trip with his best friend’s family this weekend, leaving Lisa the house to herself. It wasn’t often that she got time to herself, with the ever-watchful Ben standing at the top of the stairs. For once, Lisa didn’t worry about his disapproval as she grabbed her handbag and left the house for yet another date. Lisa was determined to give Ben a real family, knowing that he had missed out his entire life.

As much as Lisa tried to find the right man, Ben always refused them. If he was willing to open up, he would quickly mention that he wanted Lisa to find an even better guy, someone like the stranger in the hospital who stuck around just to make sure they were alright. That’s what Ben wanted as a role model, though those conversations always got Lisa rolling her eyes. She tried to explain that the man only stuck around to make sure Lisa wouldn’t sue him, but Ben refused to believe such things.

With Ben out of the house, Lisa was able to push that guilt aside as she locked the front door. The walkway to the front door was lined with tiny shrubs, lit by lights, making a sort of run-way to the street curb. The house was cozy, leading people to believe that the people who lived within it were just as friendly. That was Lisa’s reputation around the neighborhood, the friendly single mother who would drop anything to help her friends. She had rescheduled classes more times than she could count to carpool boys to baseball practice or pick people up from school. Maybe that was why David had asked her to dinner.

A local attorney, David was constantly taking pro bono cases in an effort to help people who otherwise wouldn’t have anyone on their side. He was known around the small city as being the guy to go to for help, so when Lisa was having a silly dispute with her home owners association, she asked David for his advice. At the end, Lisa was surprised that he asked her to dinner. David was exactly the kind of guy that Ben talked about, surely the unruly teenager would approve and they could finally have the happy family they both wanted for so long.

ALIAS: Lish | TIMEZONE: -7 GMT | GENDER: Female | AGE: 23
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 Posted: Jul 2 2013, 12:10 AM





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LISA! You cannot know how pleased I am that not only is there a Lisa. Not only is she being written by a newcomer who will be a benefit to this site, but that she has a solid and well-written application! If I wasn't feeling deathly ill, I'd probably do a dance. Hell, once I've done my admin duties for the day and drug up I probably will dance. You've made Lisa feel both vulnerable and strong, a woman who knows herself and calls shots like she sees them. I love that Ben is, and always will be, the most important thing in her life regardless of what she and Dean do or do not have. I love that she has her quirks and flaws like anyone else I mean really, who dumps Dean? xD. In all seriousness, I'm very glad you and Lisa are here.


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