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 Harris, Jovelyn, Human | Hattie Watson | Schrei
Jovelyn Harris
 Posted: May 3 2013, 04:32 AM

WRITER: Schrei

Tattoo Artist



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Only you can be the aching in my heart
My enemy, the only animal I couldn't fight
You hold me in the dark when storms arrive
Only you can see the emptiness I feel
When you're with me
everything you say I'm on my knees

26 –Tattoo Artist - Civilian – Hattie Watson

Jovelyn Emily Harris


Being called Jovi – Jovi is a fan of nicknames and prefers being called Jovi, rather than her full name Jovelyn. She feels that Jovelyn is too long and impersonal. When called Jovi, she feels like she’s already friends with the person, besides either way it’s a name one won’t forget.
Whiskey – Her drink of choice, the taste pleases her, it burns nicely and she can get drunk quickly on it.

The White Stripes – Her favorite band, she digs their bluesy style and the fact that it’s just two instruments. However, she won’t say that it was a like, her and her ex-boyfriend Evan had in common in high school.

Avocados – Jovi loves avocados as it is one of her favorite foods. She loves putting the green mushy fruit on sandwiches, omelets, burritos, or just eating them plain. Her mother, Bridget, grows avocado plants all year and their fragrance reminds Jovi of Las Cruces.

Body Art – Jovi is a huge fan of body art whether it is tattoos or body piercings. She herself sports quite a few tattoos ranging on all different parts of her body. Jovi finds them to be a unique way of expression and encourages others for their bravery in getting either done. She’s even turned her love of body art into a job that she thoroughly enjoys.

Wildflowers – While Jovi doesn’t have a green thumb, she enjoys wildflowers. After all they are a plant she can actually grow, whether she wants to or not. She likes to think she has some control over the flowers that sprout up in the yard, even if it is just not running them over with the lawn mower.

Roller Skating – A favorite past time of Jovi’s and it’s an exercise she actually does. It’s taken her most of her childhood to get comfortable with and who knows how many times she’s skinned her knees .But she did it.

Being called Jovelyn – Whenever Jovi is called Jovelyn, she feels like she is in trouble and being scolded. So she prefers to be called by Jovi, short and friendlier.

Being Judged – Like most, Jovi does not like being judged. Frankly, it makes her uncomfortable when being looked down upon or feeling an unwelcoming glare for others. Yet the fiery red head doesn’t have the guts to tell those who do judge her to shove it.

Tomatoes – Jovi cannot stand the taste, texture, or even smell of tomatoes. She will eat ketchup, pizza, and pasta with tomato sauce. But if the sauce has tomato chunks in it, than she won’t eat it. Something about the sliminess mixed with seeds, have always left Jovi with a bad taste in her mouth.

Her Father – Her dad, Sonny, left her mother when he found out she was pregnant. In fact, her mother wasn’t able to even collect child support when they were desperate for money, due to not knowing his full name. Jovi loathes the man, in fact she considers her mother to be her father figure, because clearly her real father wasn’t. Therefore, she has no want to ever meet him or find out where he is, besides, she’s better not knowing.

Country Music – She just doesn’t like the country music, everyone seems to have a southern accent and the instruments make her cringe. Don’t play it around her or she will throw the radio out the window.

The Cold – Jovi grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Growing up in that climate, Jovi has grown accustomed to it. It was even one of the driving factors when she was deciding what city to leave for.

Amber’s Way Of Life – It hurts Jovi to see Amber living a homeless life and not putting down any roots. While Amber does have friends to help her, like Jovi, Jovi just wishes she would stop getting into trouble with the law and come stay with her. At least with her, Jovi would know she was safe.

Optimistic – Jovi is an optimistic woman, a “the cup is half full” kind of girl. And why shouldn’t she be? The only area in her life she considers to be unlucky in is relationships, but still she keeps trying because out of all the heartbreak there will be one that stays. Even when Jovi was stripping, she stayed optimistic and viewed it as temporary. To prove her point, she met Amber and became a tattoo artist, leaving that life behind her. When life gives her lemons it seems Jovi will always make lemonade regardless of the situation.

Loyal – Jovi is a loyal woman and stays by anyone’s side even if they don’t need her. For example, she’s still friends with one of her exes. Jovi even provides her couch, food, and so on when Amber needs her help. Just because they didn’t work out as a couple, they were friends before, and Jovi would never turn Amber away. So far no one has taken advantage in her loyalty and hopefully no one will.

Kind-Hearted – Jovi is a kind woman and tries to help those close to her in any way she can. Whether its offering advice, her home, or even a couple bucks, Jovi will help those out in need. She doesn’t expect anything in return but does hope that when she needs help, people will help her in return.

Drawing – Jovi has had a knack for drawing ever since she was little. In turn, she has turned this into a career (something that she thought she could never do), through tattooing.

Gardening – While her mother, Bridget, was blessed with a green thumb. Jovi, much to her dismay, was not. She loves the look of gardens, whether it is flowers or vegetables. But she herself does not have the magic touch when it comes to plants. She can’t even keep a cactus a live, much to both Bridget and her surprise. So if asked, she will house sit for you, just say good bye to your plants before you leave because chances are they will not be alive when you get back.

Clingy – Jovi does have a clingy nature, more in romantic relationships than in general. Her previous failed relationships have brought this out in her as she feels that she either wasn’t that available or not as loving. She often expects quick call backs and text messages, or cuddling a little too much. She won’t ever say it out loud or admit it, but the rejection from her father very early in her life is also to blame. Jovi feels like she only was loved half as much and so she needs to fill the other half. While her mother did a great job and she does love her, she feels she needs more love since she only had one parent.

Temper - While some might blame it on the red hair, Jovi does have a temper on her. It’s quick to flair and once she gets angry, she stays angry for a while. She is one to hold grudges too and at times can say things she didn’t mean to say or say hurtful untrue things. Her temper causes her not to think and at times, she sees just red. However, it hardly gets violent and if it does, she takes it out on other things.

Trusting – Jovi is a trusting woman, perhaps too trusting. The young woman tries to see the goodness, at least a speck, in everyone. For example, she often opens her home to more personal of clients, some that have very shady and devious backgrounds. But Jovi feels that because she is their tattoo artist, and she is doing this out of the kindness of her heart, that they will do her no wrong and return a favor if it is needed. So far she hasn’t been wrong yet.

Own Her Own Tattoo Shop – Yes, Jovi would love to own her own tattoo shop. It isn’t that working under her boss Aidan isn’t loads of fun. After all she does owe him a lot, since she did her apprenticeship with him. But she wants more in her life like most, and for her that would mean having her own business. She’s already half way there by doing tattoos out of her home for less than savory types. This is of course with discretion since her boss doesn’t even know.

Join A Roller Derby Team – Jovi has a fascination with this sport and it all started while she was stripping in L.A. There was a competition in an old warehouse next to the club she worked at and so Jovi decided to check it out. Seeing the women viciously push, punch and knock each other down was quite exciting for Jovi and ever since then she was hooked. Jovi wants to try out just once and if she doesn’t make it in, that’s alright, but at least she tried.

Visit Her Mother - It’s been a long time since Jovi has seen her mother Bridget and at times its difficult. The twenty-six year old feels like a trip back home for a bit would do her good, perhaps even rejuvenate her spirits since her latest break up with her girlfriend Amber. Sometimes phone calls just aren’t enough.


Bridget Harris was only twenty years old when she met a young biker by the name of Sonny at the local diner she worked at. The two had an instant connection, much to her parents’ chagrin, and the two began to see much more of each other. It was a blissful month and a half, and the trusting young waitress soon found herself pregnant with their love child. Evidently it was only love on her end because Sonny skipped town soon after Bridget told him she was pregnant. Heartbroken, Bridget decided to stay with her parents, saving up money until her baby was born.

When Jovelyn Emily Harris was finally born, Bridget moved the two into a trailer on the outskirts of Las Cruces, New Mexico. There the two became content, even though what they were living in wasn’t much. But Bridget did her best, working as much she could and having her mother watch Jovelyn. Bridget even took up gardening, keeping the plants in the house most of the time, as means to save on money. Jovelyn sprouted up around the smell of plants and often took comfort in that smell. But oddly enough, Jovi couldn’t grow plants. She just didn’t have the magic thumb that her mother had, but she did have her own talent. Jovi discovered that she could draw.

Throughout middle school and into high school, Jovi could be seen in class doing doodles on any scrap of paper she had. She often turned in homework with little doodles intricately weaved with in the writings of the work. Some teachers were supportive while others were less than pleased. Needless to say, her doodles often affected her grades in a negative manner. Only in art were her doodles truly accepted in a positive light and her teacher gave her much encouragement. But the teacher wasn’t the only one who saw the young red head in a positive light and soon Jovi caught the eye of a boy by the name of Evan. He was a tall and pale boy in her art class who played the drums for his garage band. Jovi didn’t care that he was scrawny or pale, she found him to be a unique individual. That and he had the prettiest dark eyes she had ever seen. Young Jovi could often be found in Evan’s garage, sitting on a musty couch, or in his bathroom helping him dye a different colored streak in his hair (blue one day or green the next). But the romance was short lived, much to Jovi’s surprise.

Jovi learned the hard truth about high school and rock musicians, when she saw Evan in his van with another girl after one of his band’s concerts at the community center. After that high school wasn’t so breezy and Jovi tried her best. Even after high school, Jovi continued to find herself in a funk, much to her mother’s dismay. It was her mothers who suggested Jovi get out of Las Cruces for a while and perhaps see the United States, or even the world. After all Jovi was an adult now, but Bridget also left out the idea that it was a dream she had always had for herself. Jovi liked the idea and so she began researching different cities to go. After much thought, Jovi decided on going to Los Angeles. The hustle and bustle would keep her moving and the climate was warm like New Mexico.

When Jovi got to Los Angeles, she did her best to avoid the debauchery. However, being a part time waitress and living in a motel began to weigh on her. She was doing something she promised herself she wouldn’t do, slowly becoming like her mother by being stuck in a nowhere job. It was then that Jovi tried to find different work walking the streets of Los Angeles, to which she fell into stripping. Jovi had always been comfortable with her body and knew how to move it, so that didn’t bother her. But what really bothered her was that she was doing something she knew her mother would disapprove of. Through the shame, Jovi managed to develop something more than a friendship. This was with a fellow stripper named Karma, she was a tough girl, but she adored Jovi’s optimism. It was after all something Karma, real name Amber, didn’t have. At first it started out as a friendship and through a heat of the moment event, turned into a relationship. The two secretly began dating and Karma introduced Jovi to a friend of hers, who had his own tattoo shop.

Through Amber, Jovi was able to get out of stripping and begin her apprenticeship with Amber’s contact, Aidan. It was something Jovi thoroughly enjoyed. It applied her skill of drawing, except on human skin. Jovi had a natural talent for the job and through Aidan she became a full-fledged tattoo artist, even doing a couple of Amber’s tattoos. But while this seemed like a step in the right direction, Amber and Jovi’s relationship became strained. The two soon drifted apart and Jovi dove whole heartedly in her work. Jovi even began taking appointments at her apartment, anything to keep her busy. However, Jovi still took care of Amber and helped her out when Amber needed her most. Though it is difficult, Jovi still does this for her homeless ex-girlfriend.

Now Jovi, the liberated pansexual, rents a small house where she still does tattoo work for some of her more personal clients while continuing to work for Aidan at his tattoo shop. She considers these clients her contacts and even her friends. Her door is always open to them and she tries to help in any way she can. Hoping that maybe they in return can help her someday if she needs it.


Jovelyn grumbled as a light tapping from her back door invaded her dream. It wasn’t enough to awake her and so she continued to slumber. The guest wasn’t happy and so the light tapping become banging causing Jovi to awake with a start. Her head hurt as she cupped her forehead and looked at the time before staggering out of bed. Four in the morning, only someone like Jovi would be expecting company at four in the morning.

Holding her dresser with one hand, Jovi tried to put a pair of shorts on as her cellphone began to beep at her. Grabbing her kimono robe and tying it tightly around her waist, Jovi didn’t bother to look at her phone as she stomped out of her bedroom and went towards the kitchen. Leaving the lights off, Jovi leaned against her back door as her back porch light illuminated a small in stature hooded figure. A small smile formed on her lips as she unlocked the backdoor and held it open for her familiar visitor.

”Ya know perhaps an earlier text sugar and I would have left the back door unlocked for you” she spoke with another grin as she looked over at the fellow woman. ”Are you hungry? I have leftovers, or would you like some tea? Coffee? Hot chocolate? Or how about alcohol?” Jovi asked Amber , her questions sounding like she was one greasy dish away from opening up her own diner. ”I’ll just get your bed ready” she spoke again as she walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway, opening the linen closet. Grabbing pillows and a blanket, Jovi propped the pillows on one side of the couch and spread the blanket out.

”We’ll talk in the morning” she spoke gently as she patted Amber on the shoulder before retiring to her room.

ALIAS:Schrei | TIMEZONE:Eastern | GENDER:Female| AGE:21
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 Posted: Jul 2 2013, 12:12 AM





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There are a lot of things I like about this application. I love the use of an obscure play-by, I love how genuine Jovi feels as a character. You've written her well, and I like that she doesn't seem like someone you'd meet in a tattoo parlor and yet somehow you feel like you'd trust her to permanently ink your body.

That being said, I have one thing to caution you on -- a few of her weaknesses, such as her temper, felt slightly disjointed from the rest of her character. I'm going to accept it, because sometimes a person has a trait that doesn't seem to quite fit in with the rest, and it usually is the temper. Just make sure when you're writing her temper and her ability to hold grudges in play, you transition from sweet and chipper Jovi to grudge-holding-bordering-on-bitter Jovi so we don't lose our perceptions of her.


Ginger play-bys unite!

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