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 Bending the Future, Sam/Lisa
Sam Winchester
 Posted: May 28 2013, 02:37 AM





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"Stanford." Sam answered through a small smile. He hadn't really stopped to consider just how much time had actually passed since he had attended college, and had been on the road to a normal life. Thoughts of Stanford, however, always revived a memory that he did his best to bury: Jessica, and the thought was only encouraged by Lisa's choice in words. He had thought he'd known Brady, the friend who had introduced him to the woman he would have happily married, just to rip her out of his life on the flip of a coin. For what ends? To make him start hunting again. It had been a while since he had thought of either of them. "The flaw with that sort of beauty is that sometimes you think you know a person, and you really don't." Even as the words left his mouth, Sam felt a surge of guilt, knowing that he would -in the future- fit into that category himself, once Lisa found out that he had actually known her in the past.

Glad that Lisa had taken his advice to heart, Sam watched with wonder as she undoubtedly tried to put a finger on where she had left her photographs. He could only hope that Lisa wasn't too much of a pack-rat, otherwise locating something as small as a picture could take years. "Oh! Is flooding common around here?" While Sam had a knack for turning up relevant intelligence regarding hunts, he had never taken the time to educate himself in relation to weather patterns. If it rained, it rained. If the sun was shining, it was shining. Both he, and his brother, rarely took breaks, and this was not a job where weather held much sway over the work that needed done. "Hm, well - It's possible I suppose, but who knows? It still might be worth ringing that number again to see who is on the other side." Especially since the other side was Dean, at least prior to disconnecting the number. Dean did like to recycle his phones, so yes, it was possible he would turn it back on - providing it was actually off in the first place.

"Fear of the unknown is common, but since most people don't lose their memories, there's probably no statistics or testimonials for what you're going through." Unsure of how to lend insight, Sam rubbed the nape of his neck apprehensively. "Oh, hey! Have you tried visiting some of the local sights? Maybe something will come back to you! Maybe you'll even find a friend or two on the way - Again your photographs might be key. They could probably direct you to some of your former hangouts. I don't suppose you are on any social networks? Some people back up important moments on facebook and the like?" As Lisa released the phone into his hands, he flipped it open to investigate "D", it was definitely Dean. "D does appear to be quite the mystery contact." He stated, handing the mobile back to it's owner.

"I'd like that." Sam acquiesced, smiling politely. He didn't know when he'd come back, if Lisa's memories were to take a jump-start, visiting could be risky. However, someone had to ensure that she did remember, and since he had to atone for his own crimes, maybe fixing one of Dean's would be mutually beneficial to all of the parties involved.

The sound of the yoga instructors laughter raised Sam's weary spirit, and brightened the studio. "Ah, well... Dean is pretty tough. Like, unimaginably tough." A playful smile turned the edge of his lips, as he paused to allow room for a dramatic build-up. "He's a pie-eater." Sam stated, holding up a finger to signal there was more. "Not just any pie, mind you... But those old, stale pies, made of mystery contents, that are sold at the gas station... Have you ever had one of those things? They have got to be a cause for cancer." He wasn't sure he was lying, either. There were a lot of causes for cancer, and he wouldn't have been completely surprised if he were informed that gas station pies were in the middle of that list. He had even read somewhere that children caused cancer, although he questioned the truth to that. Curious to hear what Lisa's opinion was, he waited patiently, until the answer was decided. Older. Smiling Sam shook his head. "Well, you're mostly right!" Sam laughed, nodding. "I am here to check up on you, for the sake of my brother, but also for myself. I am sure Dean hasn't forgotten, this entire accident has scarred him pretty bad - emotionally... But to answer your question, I'm actually younger. You were right on the mark, do you have siblings to use as a point of reference?" He wondered.

"That is definitely Dean." Sam consented returning her nod. "There was one woman once, though, who he became serious with, so I wager there's hope for him yet." Hopefully that would be enough of a clue for her to piece together with the rest of the clues when the time came. Sam couldn't risk becoming a frequent visitor, knowing that she would eventually stumble upon the truth - or so he hoped.

"Salt should do it." He repeated, not wanting to sound like too much of a freak for mentioning Devil's Traps or anything like that. "If you ever do use a ring of salt, make sure that it is complete, no holes or gaps. And if you're one of the unfortunate ones that comes across an evil spirit, you can also salt the windows and doorways of your house. It works kind of like a ring, for extra protection." Letting out a nervous laugh, Sam shook his head. "I know it sounds crazy. I've always been a bit different in that respect."
Lisa Braeden
 Posted: May 28 2013, 06:16 AM


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"Stanford?" Lisa's eyes widened both in surprise and awe, college had never crossed her mind about either Sam or Dean. She knew nothing about them, and yet, she felt like she knew them. They just didn't exude college, though what did that even mean? "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I never went to college, somehow I just didn't even think of college. What did you study? Dare I ask if your brother studied at college?" She meant no offense, Lisa never intended to offend anyone on purpose, and yet, sometimes it just happened without intent. Nodding, Lisa could fully understand just what he meant. "I get it, I do. I know I'm crazy, I just had that feeling with your brother, a bit with you, but so much more with him. It must just be because he seems to fit that stereotype I used to know, though I know it's wrong to just assume about him." Feeling she was rambling, Lisa closed her mouth and allowed Sam to get a word in here or there.

Nodding slightly, Lisa raised her hand as she gestured 'so-so'. "It does rain, and the snow melting doesn't help. In Michigan, you can never predict the weather, so don't try. I've just learned in my experience that you should never keep valuables on the floor or below it, just in case. Feels like it would be just my luck to lose my memories, then lose the only key to remembering from some freak gigantic storm." Lisa normally didn't feel she had bad luck, she had a positive spin to everything in her life, except for this new hurdle. There was no upside to losing memories. It was so hard to believe that it had happened, Lisa couldn't find the silver lining. "I suppose I can try again tonight, it can't hurt, right? Though I'm just afraid that the number has been changed and when and if I ever get a person on the other side, they will have no idea who I'm trying to reach."

Giving up the phone to Sam, Lisa chuckled and rolled her eyes at the thought. "No social media. I got my son a computer for his birthday last year, I'm sure he's on every sight and more than I want to know about, but I just don't have the time. I can only imagine what I might update my friends on anyway. The dramatic troubles of realizing you ran out of cereal five minutes before Ben needs to wake up and get ready for school? As for local places, I can't think of anything. I've wandered around, and honestly, I remember this town, I remember everything, I just don't remember the crash. There's more I don't remember, I know there's more, but I simply can't remember what. Funny, isn't it? I can't remember enough to know what I can't remember." Raising her water bottle to her lips, Lisa took another drink as she realized how much her heartbeat had slowed down from class, how the shine on her skin had begun to disappear as the sweat dried in the air. Even the studio was cooling down, as the body heat had all but left. "I don't suppose you studied criminology or anything a private detective might need at Stanford? Silly question, I know. Though maybe I should just go out and hire a detective, maybe they can find my missing thoughts."

"I don't mean to pry, what exactly brings you to Battle Creek twice? You don't need to answer that if you don't want, I know it can be rather personal and I'm just a stranger." What kind of lives did these brothers live? Why did they travel around the way they did? Lisa didn't even really know that they traveled, though she made the guess about Dean and Sam confirmed it.

Leaning towards Sam slightly, Lisa nearly hung on his every word as he described what Dean did that made him so tough. Unimaginably tough as Sam stated. Waiting for the intense, action-packed and unusual career choice, Lisa was thrown off by Sam's response. The laughter again. How should she not laugh? "That sounds...yeah that sounds pretty gross. Has a doctor ever checked him out for that? He may become the subject of the study they do about the long-term effects of gas station pie. Has it been like this since he was a child? Maybe it altered his development growing up. If you two ever pass through again, let me know, I can bake Dean a fresh pie." Shrugging, Lisa was almost curious as to just what might become of this mysterious Dean ten years down the line, after all his consumption of bad pie. Raising an eye in curiosity, Lisa looked Sam up and down. His height certainly didn't speak to him being younger, though it didn't always work in the favor of the older sibling. "I do have siblings. I have a sister. She's older, more responsible, at least she was. Things have evened out a bit. You know the drill, I was the younger sibling who didn't go to college and got pregnant first, though my sister has always been my best friend. We're pretty close, but she's back in Indiana."

Smiling, Lisa nodded at Sam's everlasting hope for his brother's love life. "He doesn't seem too far gone, I'm sure there is hope. There's hope for everyone."

Nodding as she listened to Sam's nearly insane comments, Lisa tried to reassure him that he wasn't so crazy. "It's okay, everyone has their things. I know I do. Have you ever tried it before? Do you get things you don't want in your home?"

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