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Posted by: Frisk Mar 18 2013, 01:51 PM
Treat others as you would like to be treated. No spamming, no flaming, no trolling, no bullying — these are bannable offenses the staff do not take lightly. If you have an issue with another member come to the staff — let us take care of it.
Plagiarizing or stealing anything from the board (or from other boards and bringing it here) is a bannable offense. It's not nice to take things without permission. All posts, applications, and codes should be of your own creation (or have permission from creator with credit intact).

Please register with your character's First Last name in the proper case. Everything else will be deleted. If you are playing an angel, a demon, or a creature who possesses only one name make sure to sign-up with only it in the proper case.
An application must be filled out before in character game play is permitted. The staff are required to approve all applications before acceptance. A play-by currently included in an application cannot be applied for at the same time until that application is deemed unfinished and archived.
You may have as many characters as you think you can handle, but please wait until one is accepted for applying directly for another one. Keep our member groups and stats in mind when creating a new character, and avoid creating two characters who will have heavy interaction with one another (i.e. Sam and Dean, Castiel and Balthazar, etc.).

We consider ourselves an intermediate site (in which we expect to see decent spelling and grammer) and require a minimum of 200 words per in-character post.
You may use doHTML in your posts but try not to clash with the board too much; aim for legibility. Do not create more threads than you can handle, nor tag anyone into a thread without prior permission.
Our rating here is mature, in which there will be violence, language, and other adult themes. In regards to sexual content, please keep it reasonable — once the clothes start coming off you must fade-to-black on the board, but may continue it somewhere else off-site. The staff reserve the right to remove any content they feel breaks this rule.
Major plot changes (such as canon pregnancies, canon deaths, or things which affect the board as a whole) should be passed by staff first. Do not meta-game, god-mod, or control other characters unless permission has been asked for said actions.

Avatars must be 200 pixels wide and 300 tall — anything more or less and the mini-profile will look strange. Make sure to fill out all areas of the mini-profile after acceptance. We do not allow signatures on the board. Graphics elsewhere must not exceed 600 pixels in width.

NOTE: These rules are subject to change at staff discretion.

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