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Posted by: Frisk Mar 18 2013, 01:55 PM
Since By Virtue Fall is based off of the popular television series Supernatural, there are many events covered in the series that have led up to where our plot currently stands. For those of you who have not seen Supernatural, this timeline may contain spoilers, so read at your own peril. For those of you who need a recap, this is the place to get it. Please note that some of these dates were altered to fit the board, while others were made by the original and awesome


Posted by: FRISK Apr 17 2013, 08:52 AM

By Virtue Fall

■ 1954 - John Winchester was born.

■ 1964 DECEMBER 04 - Mary Winchester (Nee Campbell) was born.

■ 1967 APRIL 24 - The Impala is assembled, and completed in Janesville, Wisconsin.

■ 1973 APRIL 30 - John Winchester purchases a 1967 Impala, because a stranger recommended it.

■ 1973 MAY 02 - John Winchester proposes to Mary Campbell.

■ 1973 MAY 02 - Samuel and Deanna Campbell are murdered.

■ 1978 MAY 18 - The angel Anna made an attempt to kill John and Mary Winchester.

■ 1979 JANUARY 24 - Dean Winchester was born.

■ 1983 MAY 02 - Sam Winchester was born.

■ 1983 NOVEMBER 02 - The death of Mary Winchester.

■ 1985 NOVEMBER - John took Dean shooting for his first time.

■ 1985 APRIL 07 - Jo Harvelle was born.

■ 1985 DECEMBER - Anna Milton was born.

■ 1989 - Sam was nearly killed in Fort Douglas by a Shtriga.

■ 1989 - Bobby Singer took Dean to play catch in the park, instead of training him to use a double-barreled shotgun on John's request. Later on that night, Bobby and John had a fight over the phone.

■ 1991 DECEMBER 25 - Christmas is spent alone by Sam and Dean in Broken Bow, Nebraska.

■ 1993 - The "Omaha" incident took place, and soured the partnership between Bobby Singer and Rufus Turner. At this point, they were no longer on speaking terms.

■ 1994 - The Winchester brothers visit the Cleveland Botanical Gardens on a field trip.

■ 1994 NOVEMBER 24 - Sam attended his first traditional Thanksgiving dinner at Stephanie's house.

■ 1995 - Sam won a division championship soccer trophy. Dean killed a werewolf, and embraces the life of a hunter.

■ 1995 MAY 16 - William "Bill" Harvelle was killed hunting with John.

■ 1996 JULY 04 - Sam and Dean set off their own fireworks display.

■ 1996 - Sam ran away for a duration of two weeks, and lived on his own in Flagstaff, Arizona. He finds a new companion, a dog, named Bones. Meanwhile, Dean feared that Sam had died, and gets in trouble with John for Sam's disappearance. Sam goes through a period in his life where he wants to be a magician.

■ 1997 AUGUST - The Winchesters hunted a werewolf.

■ 2002 - Sam leaves for Stanford.

■ 2003 - Adam Milligan met John Winchester for the first time.

■ 2004 - Sam began dating Jessica, who Brady introduced him to.

■ 2005 - John gave Adam Milligan driving lessons using the Impala.

Posted by: FRISK Apr 17 2013, 04:58 PM

By Virtue Fall

■ 2005 OCTOBER 31 - Sam and Dean traveled to Jericho, California and spent two days hunting a Woman in White.

■ 2005 NOVEMBER 02 - The death of Jessica. Sam left with Dean.

■ 2005 NOVEMBER 10 - The Winchester Brothers spent 4 days hunting a Wendigo in Lost Creek, Colorado.

■ 2005 NOVEMBER 18 - The Winchester Brothers spent 5 days at Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin, to solve the mystery of civilians who were turning up dead in the water.

■ 2005 DECEMBER 02 - The Winchester Brothers traveled to a series of airports tracking a Phantom Traveler.

■ 2006 JANUARY 19 - The Winchester Brothers took a 5-7 day trip to Toledo, Ohio to investigate Bloody Mary, before taking the road to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

■ 2006 FEBRUARY 28 - The Winchester Brothers spent a little over a week hunting a Shapeshifter in St. Louis, Missouri.

■ 2006 MARCH 07 - Death of Shapeshifter "Dean".

■ 2006 MARCH 14 - The emergence of the Hookman in Ankeny Iowa.

■ 2006 MARCH 29 - Sam and Dean return to their childhood home in Lawrence, Kansas to hunt a poltergeist .

■ 2006 APRIL 05 - The Winchester Brothers travel to Rockford, Illinois and investigate an abandoned Asylum.

■ 2006 APRIL 12 - Dean no longer likes fugly Scarecrows: Bukitsville, Indiana.

■ 2006 APRIL 22 - Dean was electrocuted during a hunt, and Sam took him to Nebraska to see a blind Faith healer.

■ 2006 MAY 02 - Sam had a nightmare that led the brothers to Saginaw, Michigan - Where they meet Max Miller.

■ 2006 MAY 14 - Sam was kidnapped by the Benders during a hunt in Hibbing, Minnesota.

■ 2006 MAY 28 - The Winchester Brothers discover a summoning of a Shadow Demon in Chicago, Illinois. They reunite with John there.

■ 2006 JULY 08 - The Winchester Brothers went to Manning, Colorado - Locating a nest of vampires and their father.

■ 2006 JULY 13 - The Winchester Brothers hunt the yellow eyed demon in Salvation, Iowa.

Posted by: FRISK Apr 17 2013, 05:40 PM

By Virtue Fall

■ 2006 JULY 16 - The death of John Winchester.

■ 2006 AUGUST 09 - The Winchester Brothers work at a carnival in Medford, Wisconsin on a hunt.

■ 2006 AUGUST 13 - The Winchester Brothers met Gordon for the first time in Red Lodge, Montana while hunting vampires.

■ 2006 AUGUST 29 - The Winchester Brothers departed to Illinois to visit their mothers grave, and to hunt a zombie. Sam broke his wrist.

■ 2006 SEPTEMBER 02 - Sam's vision took the brothers to Guthrie, Oklahoma, where they meet Andy.

■ 2006 SEPTEMBER 20 - Jo Harvelle sent the Winchester Brothers to a hunt in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

■ 2006 OCTOBER 14 - Sam and Dean were caught in Baltimore, Maryland - Becoming suspects regarding a chain of murders.

■ 2006 NOVEMBER 07 - Sam and Dean met a Crossroads Demon in Greenwood, Mississippi.

■ 2006 NOVEMBER 24 - Sam's vision led the brothers to River Grove, Oregon - the home of the Croatoan virus.

■ 2006 DECEMBER 28 - Sam left Dean, and headed to Lafayette, Indiana - Where he became a hunt for Gordon.

■ 2007 JANUARY 12 - Sam and Dean got caught in a hostage situation regarding a Shapeshifter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

■ 2007 JANUARY 19 - Sam and Dean debated the existence of angels during a hunt at the Houses of the Holy in Providence, Rhode Island.

■ 2007 FEBRUARY 04 - Sam disappeared for over a week from West Texas, ending the boys up in Rhode Island.

■ 2007 FEBRUARY 15 - The brothers encountered a Trickster in Springfield, Ohio - Called on Bobby Singer for help.

■ 2007 MARCH 03 - The brothers hunted a werewolf in San Francisco, California.

■ 2007 MARCH 23 - The brothers investigated a haunted movie set in Los Angeles.

■ 2007 APRIL 01 - The brothers were arrested in Arkansas, as a favor of a contact, to investigate a prison haunt.

■ 2007 APRIL 13 - Dean was caught by a Djinn in Joliet, Illinois.

■ 2007 APRIL 28 - Sam disappeared from a roadside cafe to Cold Oak, South Dakota. It took 24 hours for Dean to locate Sam, which is too late. Sam is killed, and 48 hours later, Dean makes a deal with a Crossroads Demon. The Devil's Gate was also opened on this date.

Posted by: FRISK Apr 17 2013, 05:59 PM

By Virtue Fall

■ 2007 MAY 03 - Bobby and the boys traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska - Where they spent 4 days fighting The Magnificent Seven deadly sins.

■ 2007 MAY 12 - Sam and Dean arrived in Cicero, Indiana - Where Dean caught up with an old flame named Lisa Braeden. He also met her son Ben, and found out that some of the children in the town were changelings. This hunt lasted 2-3 days.

■ 2007 MAY 19 - Sam and Dean received a call on their father's cell phone, informing them of a break-in at one of his storage lockers. They obtain a cursed rabbits foot in Black Rock, New York.

■ 2007 JULY 06 - Sam and Dean left Bobby's house to investigate Elizabethville, Ohio - which has turned into Sin City.

■ 2007 OCTOBER 24 - Sam and Dean arrived in Maple Springs, New York - Where they stayed for 3 days - hunting a spirit obsessed with Bedtime Stories.

■ 2007 NOVEMBER 07 - The brothers spent 5 days on the coast of Massachusetts investigating a ghost ship.

■ 2007 NOVEMBER 13 - The brothers hunt a vampire who was searching Fresh Blood for his family, while Gordon continued to hunt Sam.

■ 2007 DECEMBER 22 - The brothers arrived in Yypsilanti, Michigan for the holiday season, where the encounter two pagan gods. The boys remained in Ypsilanti until after Christmas.

■ 2008 JANUARY 04 - Dean and Sam spent 2 days tracking down a coven of witches.

■ 2008 JANUARY 11- The boys rush to Bobby's aid after he fell victim to a dreamwalker in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - The hunt lasted for 6 days.

■ 2008 FEBRUARY 05- Sam got caught in a time-loop while investigating the Mystery Spot in Broward, Florida. Only 2 days pass for Dean, while Sam experienced over 100 Tuesdays - then another 6 months - before returning to Dean's Wednesday.

■ 2008 FEBRUARY 17 - Sam and Dean were arrested in Monument, Colorado - where they spent 27 hours in jail attempting to defend themselves, and Agent Hendriksen, from a demon siege.

■ 2008 FEBRUARY 29 - Sam and Dean encounter the Ghostfacers while they hunt a leap-year ghost at Morten House.

■ 2008 APRIL 06 - The brothers spent 3 days in Milan, Ohio - Where calling the ghostbusters is no longer an option, since the phone lines are now being used by the dead.

■ 2008 APRIL 18 - With only three weeks to go until Dean's Crossroads Deal expires: The brothers sought out an immortal organ harvester near Erie, Pennsylvania.

■ 2008 APRIL 25 - The brothers tracked down a serial killing demon in Couer d'Alene, Idaho.

■ 2008 MAY 01 - There is No Rest for the Wicked in New Harmony, Indiana - where Dean's deal comes due, and Lilith is faced. Bobby Singer worked around the clock in a desperate attempt to save Dean - However, Dean was killed by hell hounds, and Ruby was murdered as well, leaving Sam and Bobby behind.

Posted by: FRISK Apr 17 2013, 05:59 PM

By Virtue Fall

■ 2008 September 13 - Jimmy Novak became a vessel (See The Rapture notes). In the notes, Jimmy became a vessel sometime between May and September of 2008, for site purposes, we'll make it September 13.

■ 2008 June 17 - Sam Winchester developed a severe drinking problem. Unable to come to terms with Dean's death, Sam attempted to strike a deal with a crossroads demon, but was unsuccessful. Ruby resurfaces.

■ 2008 July 05 - Sam attempted a suicide mission, to kill Lilith or die trying. Ruby saved him.

■ 2008 September 18 - Dean was revived, and woke in a coffin in Pontiac, Illinois after spending 4 months in hell.

■ 2008 September 19 - Dean traveled to Sioux Falls, South Dakota - a 9 hour trip - to see Bobby.

■ 2008 September 20 - Dean and Bobby returned to Pontiac, Illinois to reunite Dean with Sam. Dean also finally discovered who raised him from perdition.

■ 2008 September 21 - Dean, Sam, and Bobby arrived in Sioux Falls and spent 2 days battling familiar ghosts after the Rising of the Witnesses.

■ 2008 September 23 - Dean awoke from his conversation with Castiel.

■ 2008 September 26 - Castiel sent Dean back in time to Lawrence, Kansas so he could witness what happened In The Beginning. He spends 3 days in the past, yet no time passed in the present.

■ 2008 September 27 - As Dean was fighting with Sam about using his powers, Sam received a phone call from another Hunter who tipped the boys off about a case in Carthage, Missouri. The boys spent the next 3 days dealing with a Rugaru undergoing Metamorphosis.

■ 2008 October 03 - Dean and Sam travel to Oktoberfest in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania where they spent 4 days trapped in a makeshift Monster Movie.

■ 2008 October 13 - Dean got infected by a ghost sickness during a hunt in Rock Ridge, Colorado. Sam had 48 hours to find a cure, which he did.

■ 2008 October 29 - Sam and Dean arrived just in time to stop Samhain, who was raised by a witch who made 3 blood sacrifices. The brothers spent 4 days tracking the witch down, and arguing with angels about unjustified smiting.

■ 2008 November 05 - The Winchesters arrived in Concrete, Washington to investigate a case stemming with women in showers, just to find out that all of the events were caused by Wishful Thinking. The boys looked into various mysteries caused by a cursed coin.

■ 2008 November 07 - The Winchester brothers met Anna Milton, and attempted to defend her from both angels and demons.

■ 2008 December 02 - The Winchester brothers spent 3 days investigating some interesting Family Remains in Nebraska.

■ 2008 December 05 - Sam and Dean attended the 5 days of magic week in Sioux City, Iowa - Where the world seemed to agree that Criss Angel is a Douche Bag.

■ 2008 December 10 - Sam and Dean returned to their old school in Fairfax, Indiana (Truman High) to investigate a strange chain of possessions.

■ 2008 December 15 - The Winchesters spent 4 days in Bedford, Iowa hunting a Siren.

■ 2008 December 20 - Sam and Dean arrived in Greybull, Wyoming to investigate the fact that nobody had died there in 10 days. They discovered that even Death Takes a Holiday, and spent about 4 days attempting to figure out why.

■ 2008 December 27 - Castiel sought out Dean Winchester in Cheyenne, Wyoming to request his help in torturing Alastair. The Winchesters had just attended Pamela's funeral.

■ 2009 March 01 - Dean Smith and Sam Wesson began their new jobs at Sandover Bridge and Iron Inc. It's a Terrible Life, and the brothers only obtained false memories from the start in this alternate reality.

■ 2009 March 24 - Dean and Sam discovered It's a Terrible Life in corporate America, when over the course of 5 days, a ghost began murdering their co-workers, and the brothers realized they were meant for a greater purpose.

■ 2009 April 02 - Sam and Dean discover a book series about their lives, and spent 3 days tracking down the author, Carver Edlund (AKA Chuck Shurley), in order to figure out who the monster at the end of the book was.

■ 2009 April 14 - Kate Milligan's death.

■ 2009 April 17 - Sam and Dean received a call on their dad's old cell phone, and ventured out to Windom, Minnesota - To meet their half-brother, Adam Milligan.

■ 2009 May 03 - Sam and Dean were enlightened about The Rapture of Jimmy Novak, when they found that Castiel had been summoned out of his vessel, and pulled back to heaven. The Winchesters spent 3 days trying to protect Jimmy, and his family, from demons.

■ 2009 May 08 - Dean attempted to force Sam into detox, and the gulf between the brothers grew. Sam spent approximately 5 days in the panic room of Bobby's house, until he managed to escape. Once free, Sam hit the road and reunited with Ruby.

■ 2009 May 13 - The Winchester's failed to prevent Lucifer's Rising.

Posted by: FRISK Apr 17 2013, 06:00 PM

By Virtue Fall

■ 2009 MAY 14 - Sympathy For the Devil proved hard to come by as the Winchesters reassembled after Lucifer's rising. They spent 3-4 days traveling from Ilchester, Maryland to Chuck's house.

■ 2009 MAY 20 - War, one of the 4 horsemen, arrived in River Pass, Colorado.

■ 2009 MAY 28 - Rufus called, changing the boys course to River Pass, Colorado - where it is a war. The boys also visited Bobby in the hospital.

■ 2009 JUNE 01 - Dean and Sam split up. Sam ended up in Garber, Oklahoma, while Dean continued hunting vampires in Greeley, Pennsylvania - Before he reunited with Castiel in Maine.

■ 2009 AUGUST 25 - Dean is transported to The End - 5 years into the future - by Zachariah. In this Alternate Reality, it is August of 2014. He spent 3 days in the future, but only 4 hours passed in 2009. After returning, Dean met up with Sam.

■ 2009 SEPTEMBER 12 - Sam and Dean encountered a Fallen Idol in Canton, Ohio, when famous people started killing their fans. They spent approximately 5 days hunting Leshi, the forest god - AKA Paris Hilton.

■ 2009 OCTOBER 02 - Sam and Dean drove from Alliance to Elk Creek, Nebraska, and then back again to meet the Anti-Christ, Jesse.

■ 2009 NOVEMBER 10 - Bobby Singer decided it was a good idea to play a dangerously high-stakes poker game. The Winchester's ended up going to serious lengths to undo Bobby's curse, which got them tangled up in some heavy magic - through a witch named Patrick. The curses on both Dean and Bobby were lifted, after Sam got lucky...

■ 2009 NOVEMBER 27 - Dean revealed himself to be a closet Dr. Sexy MD fan, when Sam caught him not Changing Channels when the show was aired. They are then trapped in Gabriel's TVland for at least 2 days in Wellington, Ohio.

■ 2009 December 05 - Sam and Dean were on the road again to meet Chuck. Upon arrival, they find out that they've been tricked into attending the premier Supernatural convention. They end up spending 2 days figuring out who The Real Ghostbusters are.

■ 2009 December 18 - There comes a time to Abandon All Hope when gathering Hunters together for an attempt to kill Lucifer. Although the party recovered the Colt, the mission made martyrs of the cause.

■ 2010 January 03 - The boys traveled to Ketchum, Oklahoma, where they intentionally because institutionalized at Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital. They spent 3 days quite literally going insane while trying to hunt a Wraith.

■ 2010 January 14 - Dean and Sam spent 2 days in Housatonic, Massachusetts , and a young warlock manages to swap bodies with Sam. Gary spent approximately 24 hours in Sam's body.

■ 2010 January 30 - The Winchesters spent one night in year 1978's Lawrence, Kansas in an attempt to save their parents, but The Song Remained the Same.

■ 2010 February 14 - Famine, one of the 4 horsemen, rolled into a town and spread his hunger over the land - Causing people to kill themselves and each other in their starvation. Sam, Dean, and Castiel spent 4 days on the case, before going to Bobby in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

■ 2010 February 24 - The dead began to rise around Bobby's house, and again the Winchesters made a trip out to assist their father-figure. The case lasted for 4 days.

■ 2010 March 01 - Sam and Dean were murdered in cold blood by two hunters. However, nothing can keep these boys down!

■ 2010 March 11 - Sam and Dean had 99 problems, and a bitch was one. They arrived in Blue Earth, Minnesota where they encountered the Whore of Babylon - And shut her down over the course of 4 days.

■ 2010 March 16 - Sam and Dean met the Point of No Return, when they reached Cicero, Indiana. The brothers spent one day at Bobby's, before having Castiel relocate them to Nuys, California, in order to rescue Adam.

■ 2010 April 03 - Sam and Dean crash a party of Pagan Deities, which results in the death of Gabriel.

■ 2010 April 05 - Crowley just loved to make an appearance. He introduced Sam to the Devil You Know, resulting in the boys taking two days to track down and destroy the Horseman’s' assistant, who was hiding out in West Nevada.

■ 2010 April 18 - The apocalypse loomed over the world, as the Winchesters traveled from South Dakota to Iowa to Illinois to Nevada - Where the Niveus plant was located. This journey lasted for at least 5 days.

■ 2010 May 01 - Swan Song: Sam followed through with saying "yes" to Lucifer, in an attempt to contain him in the whole. This plan took 3 days to complete. As a result of Sam's actions, the showdown between Michael and Lucifer is a go. Sam (Lucifer) and Michael were all dragged to hell, leaving Dean behind. Dean returned to Lisa and Ben in Cicero, Indiana.

Posted by: FRISK Apr 17 2013, 09:34 PM

By Virtue Fall

■ NOTE - According to 1st AD Kevin Parks: They decided to do "soap opera time", because they didn't want to have to push the year forward for the rest of the show's run. So, just like in soap operas when people's kids are toddlers and then suddenly teenagers, so too can Sam and Dean spend a year apart while no time has actually passed in reality.

■ 2010 OCTOBER 13 - Sam had sex with a Hunter named Annie (Of Grave Importance).

■ 2010 NOVEMBER 24 - Castiel refused to adhere to Raphael's direct orders to restart the apocalypse, which led to a civil war in Heaven. Instead, Castiel gathered his own unholy alliance in order to become powerful enough to oppose Raphael.

■ 2010 DECEMBER 05 - Sam joined Samuel, who had been resurrected, to hunt an Arachne in Bristol, Rhode Island.

■ 2011 APRIL 17 - Sam and Samuel managed to shoot a werewolf during the half-moon.

■ 2011 MAY 01 - Dean Winchester discovered that Sam had been alive for a while, and everyone knew except him, during an investigation in Cicero, Indiana. Dean is reunited with Sam, before they travel to Bobby's in South Dakota.

■ 2011 JUNE 10 - Sam called Dean, to ask for help on a case - which resulted in an unfamiliar situation involving Shapeshifters and babies. They also visited the Campbell Compound.

■ 2011 JUNE 11 - Dean joined Sam in Easter, Pennsylvania where they encountered an Old Testament plague, and the Third Man to Team Free Will (Balthazar) arrived with news from heaven.

■ 2011 SEPTEMBER 01 - Bobby Singer spent his weekend trying to get his soul back from Crowley. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean were hunting a Lamia in Kenosha, Washington.

■ 2011 SEPTEMBER 05 - Sam and Dean went to Scotland to dig up Crowley's (Fergus MacLeod) bones - Resulting in the return of Bobby's soul.

■ 2011 OCTOBER 17 - Dean has to Twi-Harder to avoid drinking human blood, after he was turned into a vampire while investigating missing person cases in Limestone, Illinois.

■ 2011 OCTOBER 21 - Dean, still suspicious of Sam, travels to Calumet, Illinois with his brother to investigate a chain of suspicious suicides. Dean Couldn't Handle the Truth.

■ 2011 OCTOBER 28 - Castiel revealed to Dean that Sam returned from Hell without his soul. As a result, the boys travel to visit their grandfather - Samuel - to attempt to gather new information. Instead, they end up hunting the Alpha Vampire. The hunt lasted for 3-4 days.

■ 2011 OCTOBER 30 - Dean and Sam snuck into the Alpha Vampires 'prison' and interrogated him, discovering that their grandfather was wanting the location for Purgatory. They also discovered that Samuel was working for Crowley, the new King of Hell.

■ 2011 OCTOBER 31 - Sam and Dean hunted a sleeper-cell of Skinwalkers in Buffalo, New York - The hunt lasts for approximately one week.

■ 2011 DECEMBER 07 - You can Clap If You Believe, but Tinkerbell will not rally the troops in your favour this time. Sam and Dean arrived in Elwood, Indiana just in time to fight fairies.

■ 2011 DECEMBER 17 - Sam and Dean tracked Crowley down near Evergreen, Missouri, tired of serving as the King of Hell's personal puppets.

■ 2011 DECEMBER 27 - Dean had an Appointment in Samara, as he attempts to contact Death for help restoring Sam's soul. He served 24 hours of his life in Death's shoes, but failed the task that Death appointed him.

■ 2012 JANUARY 08 - Sam was Like a Virgin, and woke up with no memories from the past year and a half. Dean tried to protect Sam's innocence during their drive to Portland, Oregon to slay some dragons. Dean also took a side trip to San Francisco, California to quite dramatically pull a sword from a stone. This hunt lasts for approximately 10 days.

■ 2012 FEBRUARY 01 - Sam discovered a lot of his previous years actions would remain Unforgiven, after the brothers investigated a series of disappearances in Bristol, Rhode Island - Where they discovered that Sam had been there once before. This investigation lasted for 4 days.

■ 2012 FEBRUARY 06 - The Winchesters investigated a series of deaths that had occurred near mannequins and dummies during a trip to Patterson and then Passaic, New Jersey. Dean received a call from Ben 3 days into the case, that sends him driving to Battle Creek, Michigan, while Sam continues with the hunt on his own. After the hunt, the boys had to take the Impala to Bobby's in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for repairs. This event spanned for 7 days.

■ 2012 FEBRUARY 19 - Sam and Dean were researching at Bobby's when Balthazar decided to drop in, unannounced. The angel then flinged them into a parallel universe, where they became Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. The brothers are trapped for 3 days in the parallel universe, and return on the same night that they were thrown out.

■ 2012 FEBRUARY 21 - There were allies and enemies, And Then There Were None. Bobby, Sam, and Dean spent 3 days together on a journey to Sandusky, Ohio - On the trail of Eve and a new type of monster.

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