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 Edge & Flight, 4 of 5 needed!
Amber Shaw
 Posted: Jul 2 2013, 02:18 AM





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This is Devin Shaw, Amber's twin sister. They were inseparable for the first twelve years of their lives, until their parents tore them apart over a divorce. While the judge advised against splitting twins up, both of their parents disregarded the wisdom, and proceeded with plan. Amber went to live in Los Angeles with her father, and Devin stayed on with their mother. It was because of this divorce that both characters live completely diverse lifestyles, yet despite their location, the girls share what they refer to as "twinception". They were born on the Scorpio/Libra cusp, which could play into the Supernatural Universe. Amber is the Scorpio, and Devin is the Libra. Devin and Amber have reunited since they entered adulthood, and have a recovering relationship. Amber is a lawyer at one of the largest law firms in Los Angeles, and is frequently having to post Amber's bail. She is also the reason that F.B.I. Agent Craig Warren has not got his paws on Amber yet.

Suggested play by:
Kate Mara
This is Roman Wade, known as "007" or "James Bond" among the hacker community. He was a lone wolf before he met Amber, who saved him from approximately 11 years of jail time, for hacking into the White House's system. Ever since, he has corresponded directly with her, frequently sharing housing arrangements. While Amber bounces from residence to residence - Roman sincerely wishes to give her a stable environment - and wants to prove that not all men are like her father (who he found out about by cracking into Amber's psychological reports). Although he has talked shop with his partner for years, he still has managed to overlook that she has a twin. He believes that he has been courting Amber for 3 years, when Amber has absolutely no idea of his intentions. He is fiercely loyal to the woman, and continues to stick his neck out for her benefit on a regular basis. Of course, she gives back equally. He is the one who taught her everything she knows about hacking, and has also covered her footsteps when it comes down to avoiding Craig Warren, that obnoxious FBI agent that will not butt out. Amber is currently at war with herself regarding her feelings for Roman.

Suggested play by:
Joel Kinnaman
This is Craig Warren. He's dedicated to his work, and has a bit of a personal grudge against Amber, since she is the one who got away - with a lot of his own personal data at that. He's spontaneous and rather serious. He cannot stand being interrupted, and is very protective of his family. He can appear to lack sensitivity, even when he actually does care about the subject being discussed. He is a fast learner, and eager about a lot of things. He has a hard time learning from his mistakes, and is generally too forgiving/trusting of others because of it. It is this trait which has been his major downfall in his career. He can be quite affectionate, and tends to relate with those who share his creative and vivid imagination. While he appears to have a tough shell on the outside, he is honestly extremely vulnerable. He does not take orders well.

Suggested play by:
Edward Norton
This is Shane Haynes, who is forever pissed that his parents chose to name him after a prospective underwear company. He is the proud owner of Bowl-O-Rama Family Fun Center (Often referred to as Fingerholes by the general public) in Los Angeles. He relocated to L.A. after graduating from USC in business administration. Although he has traveled and moved a lot in his life, he spent his childhood in Chicago, growing up with Amber and Devin. They remain good friends, and once he heard that both of the twins moved to L.A., he was quick to setup his business there and reunite with his long lost friends. Little does he know that his life is likely to encounter several changes by affiliation. He is frequently the mediator in the twins disagreements, and has a general idea of when one of them is in danger. He is insightful, and often lends unwanted insight to the twins.

Suggested play by:
Matthew Gray Gubler
This is Mikki Farrow, Amber's possessive ex-girlfriend. She is a young and respected internet blogger, and independent journalist. Mikki met Amber at a San Diego Comic Con, and they have been in touch ever since. Their relationship, at first, was hot and passionate, although it fell apart when Amber felt that Mikki was hiding something from her - and discovered the dark and crazy research that Mikki kept in her computer. As a result, Amber picked up and left in the middle of the night. What Amber doesn't know is that Mikki believed that she was captured by a creature. After 5 years, the pair have reconnected, and while Mikki remains wary of Amber, she is unable to suppress her feelings, and endless hopefulness that they can regain what they once had. She uses the title journalist as a cover to making a hunter oriented bestiary, which is accessible by other hunters online. She has first hand experience hunting, as her single mother was a hunter as well. Since she no longer partakes in actual hunts, she documents the information she acquires through those who do.

Suggested play by:
Audrey Kitching
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