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 And really bad eggs..., TAG: Julianna Plantagenet
Ian Plantagenet
 Posted: Jun 21 2013, 05:37 AM





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Date: 2012 March 15
Time: 7 AM
Place: California

It had been a chilly Thursday morning, and the frost glistening over the ranch had only served as testament for the unusual weather. Stepping outside, into what should have been the mild embrace of Spring, Ian pulled his coat tight around his frame and hurried to his BMW. Overhead, clouds hovered seemingly above the ranch, threatening the horses and the inhabitants with unwelcome climactic conditions. Little did the weather care that the people taking comfort inside the ranch were hard-working individuals, who spent the majority of their time tending to the horses outside. Little did the weather mind, that Ian had all ready been up for 3 hours, during the middle of his Lent fast, and now had plans of rushing off to the nearby diner to grab something for breakfast.

As Ian climbed into his beloved convertible, rain mixed with snow began to land against the windshield. Digging in his coat pockets, he finally was able to retrieve his key before pushing it into the ignition. Perhaps it would have been easier to cook a few eggs for the family, but the truth was he wasn't as religious as his father was, and he had no quams with breaking his fast in favour of some bacon and luxury service.

All right, so maybe IHOP wasn't exactly considered the top-of-the-line in food quality or service, but it definitely beat the expired eggs that now found a home in the Plantagenet refridgerator. A small rapping at his passenger side window caught his attention, while he was in the process of changing the rotation on the CDs that his siblings periodically mixed for him, and as luck would have it - today's selection belonged to the very woman who stood outside his door. Rolling down the passenger side window, automatically, Ian held his sisters gaze steady. "So, are you going to get in or not?" He asked, his usual wide smile taking form over his face. "And I am going to eat some bacon with or without your permission. You have been warned." He promised.

It's short, it's rusty, but OMG look I finally posted. I LOVE YOU!

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