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 you've been a friend to me, hunter | best friend | martin freeman
Jeremy Signer
 Posted: Jul 3 2013, 12:06 PM

WRITER: the Doctor




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alex freeman
If you say up, I say down. We're the most unlikely pair. But up or down, high or low, you've always been right there. You've been a friend to me. Yeah, a godsend to me. And I ain't too proud to say, you've been a friend to me. Now if I'm feeling low down, or feeling ten feet fall. Thick or thin, the shape I'm in don't matter to you at all, cause you've been a friend to me. Yeah, a godsend to me. And I ain't too proud to say, you've been a friend to me. Whenever I needed someone, you're right there on the line. With a friend like you to get me through, I'll get by every time. You've been a friend to me.
This is Dr. Alexander Freeman, and before you ask, no I didn't really think about the fact that I gave him the same last name as his playby. Completely unintentional there.

Alexander is, or was, the Director of Clinical Psychology at the hospital where Jeremy was kept and played the role of Jeremy's therapist, trying to help him with his mental issues until such a time that the supernatural things that Jeremy told him about were proven beyond a doubt to be real. Now Alex doesn't know what to think.

Jeremy was possessed by a demon and his demon broke out of the hospital, disappearing without a trace. Jeremy and Alex became good friends while Jeremy was in the hospital, and so Alex is worried about his friend and set out to look for him, slowly entering the world of Hunters. He's not entirely skilled and still learning as he goes, but he's determined to find Jeremy and help him if he can.

I have plans to play Jeremy for a bit while he's possessed with the demon, but eventually I have plans for Alexander to teach himself how to exorcise demons and save his friend from the possession, but until then he's stuck with this demon-possessed Jeremy. His backstory before this time is fairly open, and his playby is Martin Freeman and I'd really like it to stay that way.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me or I can be found on AIM or Skype with the SN eighthxrowxpawn for both. ^^

© darren criss
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