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 Pierce, Keira Emily, Hunter
Keira Pierce
 Posted: May 10 2013, 04:53 PM

WRITER: Scrappy




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Yea you
You think you’re gonna make a fool of me
But it’s alright
Yea you
No, you don’t know the mess you made of me
After last night
You saw me, a perfect dream
Now it’s time to wake up
From this nightmare you put me
That you got me where you want me.

22 - Scam Artist - Hunter - Abigail Breslin

Keira Emily Pierce



- Drinking
- Boys
- Hunting
- Her Bike
- People who know their way around cars or bikes
- Sex
- Staying in shape
- Parkour/Freerunning


- The nasty things in the world
- People who get in her way
- Jerks
- People who can't hold a conversation, or have trouble speaking to a girl
- The fact that she's pretty much a light weight when it comes to alcohol
- Is still quite inexperienced at hunting
- Letting people in/Trusting people


- Her innocent Looks
- Weapon knowledge and knowledge about the supernatural world
- A quick talker
- A good flirt
- Good at hand to hand combat
- Parkour/Freerunning


- Is only a human, and therefore she is easily breakable
- Clowns, they terrify her
- Is still new to hunting
- Is a little too innocent and trusting, easily swayed by people
- On occasion she will also rush in a little too fast
- Not too great of a hunter, she's just starting out


Keira has had for the most part a typical childhood, growing up in Detroit. Grow up with her parents at times has been difficult, both Alexander and Isabella as parents were conservative. While in her younger years this wasn’t so evident, but as she grow and approached her teenage years, the life style that her parents wanted her to have became more and more obvious, neither were unbearably strict but at the same time, Alexander and Isabella definitely had the ordinary Christian morals.

The family of three always dressed up to go to church each Sunday, and said grace each night before dinner, this life style also had a positive effect on her life, Keira despite being quite young she wasn’t like all the other rowdy elementary students. She concentrated and worked hard in each and every lesson, and did her homework without fail each night, this study habit along with the help her parents had given her, resulted in the young Pierce to get above average grades, her parents already foresaw her going to Stanford.

It was also because both parents were so involved in their young daughters schooling, that Keira rarely, on the odd occasion got into trouble. Though this was to be expected they both new this, it was just what kids around those years did it couldn’t be helped, nonetheless from that age Keira was certainly well mannered, enough for this to stand out among the fellow children her age, while she was at elementary school she may not have been the sportiest girl, but she was still quite active, netball had been her favorite sport. She just usually kept to the library, the building had been like her domain for the duration of the time, Keira got along with everybody and had few haters, and she was also a go to person when somebody needed help with school work.

At age thirteen this was when tragedy struck the Pierce household, it was around ten o’clock or so but Keira began hearing loud noises, she thought were so loud they would have woken the neighbourhood, she definitely wasn’t able to force sleep throughout the weirdly loud bangs that sounded like someone being thrown across the room. Then the scream came and the now teenage girl bolting upright and jumping to her feet, the scream was slightly high definitely coming from her mother, as she felt her way carefully through the darkness she crept toward her parents’ bedroom, beginning to feel anxious though mainly fearful.

Keira micrometer by micrometer inched the door open, before flinging it open “w—who are you?” she said seeing a third party standing over the prone body of her father, sounding less then intimidating. The room may have been dark, but thanks to the lit hallway she was able to see a masculine shape, he looked, he was just like everyone other man until he turned around because it was his eyes that terrified the young girl. The man’s eyes were as black dark, which got her thinking about that saying that eyes were the doorway into your very soul, these eyes however weren’t, but upon looking into them was like looking into hell.

The appearance of this strange man was enough to freeze her in place, seeing her parents dead on the blood stained carpet alone was enough to make her want to run, the black eyed man was like something out of a nightmare. Before she knew what was happening the man first grinned a sickly grin, before almost leaping the distance in a way between them, throwing Keira hard across the her back connecting with the wall and landing in a heap as her world went black.

She awoke in a hospital bed with Harper, a man in his late forties seated beside her. “How do you feel?” he said, he wasn’t so much family as a very close family friend. Her dad and Harper went way back, and she mightn’t know the details of their friendship it was definitely important what she didn’t know, the only thing was Alexander had done all he could to keep probably his closest friend away from her, which was weird.

“I’m feeling a little dizzy, how long was I out.” A lie and one she was hoping he wouldn’t pick up on, there was no need to worry the man though a little dizzy was an understatement, she was feeling nauseous too. The other reason was that she hated hospitals with a fiery passion, they were just plain depressing and not to mention the god awful hospital food. “An entire day, but I guess you did take a hard hit.”

“Uh ha, well in that case we should be leaving the local authorities want to speak with you as soon as you woke.” Wait what, what did he just say, the police wanted to speak with her why would they want to do that, surely it mustn’t have anything to do with her parents’ murders. “Do you know why they want to speak with me?” Keira asked fearing what the man’s answer would be; she knew fairly well that the reason was because of the death of her parents. However she was still holding out for any chance that this may not be the case, she was just thirteen for crying out loud, how could a thirteen year old murder to grownups.

It was a short walk from the hospital to Harper’s massive SUV—a black Chevy Colorado, Keira couldn’t help thinking though that her guardian seemed in too much of a rush; especially when he had taken off as quickly as he had. Then after a few traffic lights, without changing speeds Harper spoke staring straight ahead, “this may come off a bit of a sock to you; but please whatever you do.” He paused as if thinking how he should word the next part. “Harp, just tell me you do realise that I’m a teenager now; not a little girl.” Keira said encouraging him even though he was making little sense. “What had killed your parents was a. Demon.” “A ‘what’!”


At the age of twenty-two there lay a groggy Keira Pierce besides some guy she had met at a bar, in the newest town she was in she was working a case; something about a haunted building. One thing just kind of led to another with the smooth talker beside her; it wasn’t like her parents—or Harper were able to object; because they were all dead so she could do as she pleased, god knows she deserved some fun Harper was quiet evident that she was not to go out with boys—period, something along the lines of her father would haunt his ass for eternity if something ever happened to her. It had been funny at the time, but as the days went on and as she missed out on the things all the other kids were doing, like parties; and dating she realised that he had been serious, all she did was train and train and when she ached he got her to train some more.

She knew now that he had only been doing this for her own good, because now she was strong and a could shot with a weapon; she was able to floor most guys two times her small size. She was utterly badass thanks to Harper; not to mention her pride and joy she had inherited from him, the enormous black Chevy Colorado which must look hilarious to most people seeing a tiny chick jump out of it. But back to the business at hand, the haunted building—a high school a place that she lucked out on missing. Keira at times did feel as if she had been missing out not going to high school; like a normal teenage girl, but once she saw the stress most students were under she realised how lucky she truly was.

“We’re you goin’ come lie back down.” A sleepy voice said from behind, as Keira had been finishing the last few buttons of her shirt and turning she said. “Sorry dude but business calls, but thanks for the night.” She said tossing him a wink. Once she saw Harper again and given her line of work that mightn’t be far off, she was able to see him shaking his head with her—and her father tormenting him because of what she was able to do, now they were no longer with her. Hey you guys are welcome to tell me to not have fun; all ya gotta do is tell me. Keira thought, knowing that, that was impossibility for them and having a small giggle because of this.

ALIAS: Scrappy | TIMEZONE: GMT +9:30 | GENDER: Male | AGE: 22
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 Posted: Jun 25 2013, 12:48 AM

WRITER: Khione




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