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 Winchester, Sam, Hunter | Jared Padalecki | Frisk
Sam Winchester
 Posted: Apr 29 2013, 04:39 AM





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My verdict has come in. It says I’m guilty for my sins this time.

I thought I could escape, but then I finally felt the weight of my crimes

28 - Hunter - Human – Jared Padalecki

Sam Winchester


Salad & Healthy Food: Sam always feels more energized after a good bowl of salad. However, that isn't the only benefit that comes along with eating the greens. Healthy foods help with maintaining muscles, and overall health. It also prevents cardiovascular diseases. Sam will take a salad over a burger nearly every time.

Magic Tricks: Sam enjoys magic - which he was fascinated by in his youth - due to it's ability to never lose its charm. Whether it is a sentimental attraction or not remains to be seen. There was a point in his life that Sam thought he wanted to be a magician himself.

Family: Like his brother, Sam has a need to put his family first. He and Dean have always had a strong brotherly relationship, and it is safe to say that Sam is as protective of Dean as Dean is of him. Like all relationships, theirs has had it's ups and downs, and has had time to evolve over the years. There is virtually nothing that Sam wouldn't do for Dean.

Sam also sees Bobby Singer as family - They have had a long-standing working relationship, as well as a friendship. Bobby is a father figure to Sam and Dean - and while Sam isn't Bobby's favourite at the moment, they still manage to help one another out. Bobby admitted, under Veritas (the Goddess of truth) that Sam was the better hunter. Bobby is much more supportive than Sam's biological father, John, who had a soldier-commander relationship with the boys.

Books: Sam is a scholar type, and enjoys reading for various reasons. He feels that reading helps one develop into a more interesting person, while at the same time improving ones imagination. He also reads because it keeps his ability to write correctly up to par, and he takes pride in being intelligent. He adores the wisdom that the pages of a book hold, when words alone can educate one about topics that they have not experienced first hand. It introduces one to new thinking patterns, inspirations, and sometimes even fictional beings, in which Sam feels he can relate to. Though the biggest reason he reads is because he loves to learn.

Real Music: Sam isn't a huge fan of Dean's taste of classical rock or heavy metal music. However, he recognizes that the Impala would feel less welcoming without it, and respects the drivers wishes. However, if Sam were permitted to pick the music, they would be listening to classical music - Such as Bach. He enjoys the art of discovering and comprehending how things are composed and put together. He enjoys learning and understanding how the different composers put the music together. Such as sonata forms, and trios, rondo variation.

Castiel: Generally speaking, Sam and Castiel have maintained a working relationship, along side a friendship. In light of recent events, Sam doesn't know if Castiel can be trusted. His relationship with the angel was never as close as Dean's, but he still considered Cas a friend, and treated him with respect.


Clowns: Sam is terrified of clowns due to his experiences with being ditched (by Dean) at a Supernatural-world called Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie as a kid. It was similar to Chuck E. Cheese in some ways, only instead of creepy rats, they had creepier clowns. Because of these experiences, trapped in a building surrounded by clowns, Sam is scared of them still to this day.

Tuesdays: Due to a memorable run-in with the archangel Gabriel (the trickster), Sam is still wary of Tuesdays. In brief - He feels that he has lived enough of them to last an entire lifetime. Note, that there are only so many times a man can see his brother die - right before his eyes - before he begins to go crazy.

Demons: Sparing a couple (at one point in time) from this category, Sam has a passionate dislike for demons - Particularly the yellow-eyed kind. Yet, Crowley isn't exactly high on his appreciation list either.

Hell: There are now numerous reasons that Sam Winchester loathes Hell: Lucifer. Lucifer's Cage. Michael. Crowley. Losing his soul. The list goes on and on.

Lucifer: Having served as the True Vessel for Lucifer doesn't mean that Sam has to like him. In fact, after being trapped in Lucifer's cage, and being possessed by Lucifer: The Devil is just about his least favourite person in existence.

Casual Sex: Sam, with his soul, really prefers to be in a committed relationship before committing his body to another. Casual sex just doesn't do it for him. While physical pleasure is all well, and good, he needs a woman who can actually understand him. One that he can connect to on an intellectual level, and not have to hide who he is.


Understanding: Sam does not judge others. He understands that everyone has a story, and a reason for why they are the way they are. While he does not always agree with them, he tries to give them the respect that they deserve.

Empathetic: Sam is very aware of the feelings and emotions of those around him. He often tries to help them in whatever way he can, and shares their feelings on several occasions.

Courageous:  When there is a need to display courage and faithfulness in a moment of need, he does not hesitate. He will risk everything, including his very life to help someone he cares about. It makes him quite unpredictable, although upon helping others he does not boast or feel pride about what is done. He thinks about what is needed, and then executes.

Modest: Sam does not boast if he can help it. He allows his own accomplishments to speak for him, and does not regard himself as more important than anyone else.

Independent: While Sam has learned to lean on Dean, he is a person who doesn't always need others. For example, he split ways with his family and chose to go to school instead of becoming a hunter. He can rely on himself, instead of constantly seeking others for affirmation, or assistance. He can fend for himself, and he does whenever the need arises.


Bleeding Heart: Sam is excessively sympathetic toward those who claim to be exploited or underprivileged, which frequently makes him easy to take advantage of, or leaves him vulnerable.

Dependency of Dean: While Sam is capable of being independent, he would rather be in the company of his brother. It is hard for Sam to imagine a life without his older brother in it, and he would do anything to keep his brother safe. He depends on Dean for support because Dean is the only stable family unit that has stood by him.

Hyper-Emotional: "An emotional decision is often the wrong decision." Is a phrase that many of us are all ready familiar with. While Sam is frequently logical, and able to act on fact, rather than emotion - There are certain things that can make him react on emotion rather than logic. Frequently, his emotions manage to get in the way.

Arrogant: From time to time, Sam unintentionally behaves as if he is someone who believes that he has all the answers, and anyone who disagrees with him - in that state of mind - are written off as ignorant or stupid.

Self-Loathing: Sam has always had a case of self-loathing for one reason or another: Jessica - Who he still feels guilty over. His behaviour, and decisions, while soulless. The fact that he was the True Vessel for Lucifer. Sam can always find a reason to hate himself.


Redemption: Sam desires redemption on many different levels. There was once a time that Sam believed that God was merciful, and that any soul could be forgiven. However, after his time in Hell - He finds that he is having doubts regarding his faith. As if that's not enough, the damage that he has inflicted (soulless) on his friends and family is very apparent. He wants to set things right with the people that matter most.

Dealing with Eve: The Mother of All seems like a pretty serious threat, if there ever was one - But she hardly seems as dangerous as the apocalypse that they just averted. Sam remains pretty confident that whatever, and whoever, comes out of purgatory can be sent back into it. Where there’s a will, there's a way.

Castiel & Crowley: Sam, like Bobby and Dean, has his reservations regarding Castiel - In fact, many signs point to the idea that he and Crowley are in league together - And Sam is inclined to believe that they have made a deal regarding the souls in Purgatory, yet there is not enough evidence to be one hundred and ten percent certain about his hypothesis yet.

Recouping his Soul: While Sam is completely aware of the dangers that come with regaining his memories, he simply cannot leave his actions buried. Even with the loss of his memory, Sam is capable of seeing the scars that he has left on those closest to him - Including both Dean and Bobby. While Dean claims that Sam wasn't acting on his own, Sam knows that he still must take accountability for himself, and clean up the mess he made - soulless or no. He will stop at nothing until his memories are regained, and his relationships are re-established.


Car Jacking: Like his brother Dean, Sam has been subjected to learning illegal practices, such as car jacking, through their father John Winchester - While he was training them how to hunt. The act of car jacking is defined as the unlawful seizure of an automobile. It is also considered armed assault when the vehicle is still occupied by it's owner. Initially, Sam was against committing crimes such as this, however over time - He became less sensitive to doing so.

Computer Hacking: Computer hacking is another unlawful skill that was passed onto the boys by their father during their training to become hunters. Sam came naturally to this particular skill, being as compatible with technology as he is. Hacking, or - more accurately - "cracking" refers to the ability to bypass a computers security in order to gain information, commit malicious acts, or targeting another network. He generally uses this skill in order to gain private information regarding cases, when information is needed.

"Encyclopedia of Weirdness": Sam has been called an Encyclopedia of Weirdness a couple of times in his life by Dean, however, in plain speech it means that he has a vast knowledge of the supernatural. He is proficient in reading and being able to recall spells and passages that were written in languages such as Latin. Because of this, he is frequently left to gather information regarding their current hunt. It is an important note that Ruby added to his "Encyclopedia" when she trained him how to make hex bags - As a result, Sam can hide from demons. Furthermore, he understands the workings of various law organizations such as the FBI, CDC, Police, so forth and so on - and is able to pose as one when the job requires it.

Exorcism: Sam actually knows this ritual forwards and backwards. As evidence: he once managed to recite the exorcism chant backwards - from memory - to keep a demon from retreating from his vessel.

Expert Tactician: Sam frequently demonstrates the ability to quickly be able to respond to complicated situations by either fighting or diplomatically evading the conflict. He has a great sense of direction, and is capable of navigating - even blindfolded - by paying attention to time, the number of turns, and the sounds that paint his surroundings.

Expert in Technology: Sam might as well speak 'droid'. He has always been very tech-savvy, and has the upper-hand on Dean over it. It is because of his ability to utilize technology, and hack into classified data, that he is frequently the one who is left behind doing the research and tech-based assignments.

Firearms & Melee Weapons: As part of his training by his father - Both he and his brother were given an understanding of how to use firearms and melee weapons. He also is capable of recalling which blade/firearm is associated with killing which creature - And if he can't, to the computer/books/whatever!

Lock Picking: Lock picking is another illegal skill that his father taught himself and Dean during their hunter training. Initially, Sam was reluctant to rely on these skills, but as time has progressed, he has become less sensitive to the idea. Lock picking is the ability to unlock a lock by manipulating and analyzing a lock without using the original key. Bonus points if you don't damage the lock!

Physical Strength: Sam is a physically powerful being. He should not be underestimated by his enemy. He has training in hand-to-hand combat, and is capable of dishing out an impressive amount of strength for a human. There have been times where he has managed to overpower certain types of monsters, and lower-level demons.

Proficient Latin: His practice in Latin has led him to be able to read the language out loud with a certain ease. While he doesn't speak it fluently, he manages to remember the words that could potentially save Deans life, or even his own.

Spanish: Sam is adequate in Spanish, although he would pick English over it any day.


Sam Winchester was born on May 2, 1983 to John and Mary Winchester, and had an older brother (by 4 years) named Dean. When Sam was six-months old, he was greeted by a yellow-eyed demon named Azazel who infected him with demon blood. This same event led to a catastrophic occurrence that claimed the life of Mary Winchester, and marked the beginning of the family trade: Hunting of the Supernatural. Sam grew up close to Dean, and seemed to dislike the dangers of their new lifestyle: Particularly after he was nearly killed during a hunt in Fort Douglas by a Shtriga.

In 1994, Sam attended his first traditional Thanksgiving at his classmate Stephanie's house.

In the year 1996, Sam and Dean set off their own fireworks display on the fourth of July - Just the pair of them. Later, in the same year, Sam ran away - On Dean's watch - for a duration of two weeks, and took care of himself for a while in Flagstaff, Arizona. It was on this small adventure that Sam befriended a canine companion who he named Bones. Sam also discovers that he would like to be a magician.

As Sam grew older, and learned to think for himself - He decided that the lifestyle of a hunter really wasn't for him. He decided that - Despite his father's good intentions to avenge their mother, he would not be an accessory that could be used to fuel his fathers obsession with hunting his mothers murderer. Instead, he decided that he wanted to lead a normal life - or as normal of a life that one could get in a family of hunters - and attend school. He left for Stanford in 2002.

2004 was when Sam's friend Brady introduced Sam to a young, and beautiful woman named Jessica. After their initial meeting, it didn't take long for Sam to fall completely head over heels for her, and ask her to move in with him. They began to live together, and secretly Sam planned to marry her, and lead a normal life in the future as a lawyer. However, all of his best laid plans fell through the cracks when his father went missing. Reluctantly, Sam left with Dean to search for John, and investigated a woman in white. In their absence, the demon resurfaced and this time claimed Jessica's life. Sam had arrived just in time to watch Jessica – and his plans for the future with her – go up in smoke right before his eyes. Broken, and left with no further reason to stay at Stanford, Sam joined Dean.

On May 2, 2006, the Winchester's encountered a strange turn of events when they entered Saginaw, Michigan – Where they came face to face with another gifted child – who had a very similar encounter with the yellow-eyed demon as Sam did. Max was the first psychic they met along the way. Max was also born in 1983, and had a dark background. While Sam sympathized with the boy, he was unable to sway his mind – and only a couple of days after meeting him, Max took his own life with his gift of telekinesis.

On May 28, 2006, Sam and Dean stumbled upon a summoning of a Shadow Demon around Chicago, Illinois. It was here where they reunited with their father. Once they had reunited with their father, and killed the demons vessel in an attempt to kill the demon, the Winchesters went on a quest to acquire a Colt Peacemaker, that was imbued with special properties. This weapon had the ability to kill the yellow-eyed demon. However, as they hunted Azazel, he struck back with a head-on collision with a truck.

While none of the Winchester's were killed, the collision landed them in the hospital, with Dean in grave condition. After spending some time at the hospital, their father decided to strike a deal with the yellow-eyed demon in return for Dean's safe return. Once the exchange was completed, on July 16 of 2006, John Winchester died – After passing a grim message onto Dean: That he might have to kill Sam, if Sam took the wrong path.

As Sam's psychic powers manifested, they grew stronger, and the yellow-eyed demons schemes began to fill the puzzle, each piece falling into place. When the time was right, Sam, along with the other special children, was kidnapped by Azazel who intended to have a battle royale between all of his creations to pick out the optimal leader for his army. Due to his inability to kill another human in the name of Azazel, Sam was killed during the trial – And drew his last breath in his brothers arms. Instead of burying Sam, like Bobby had suggested, Dean struck a deal with a crossroads demon in order to resurrect Sam. The deal was that Sam would be brought back, but Dean would only have one year to live and tie up loose ends, before his soul would be dragged to hell by a hound. The Devil's Gate was also opened.

A few months after Dean reunited with an old flame named Lisa Braeden, and her son Ben, Sam found himself trapped in a time-loop during an investigation that covered the Mystery Spot in Broward, Florida. While Sam only experienced one Tuesday, Sam experienced over 100, and then another 6 months, before the Trickster, Gabriel, returned him to Dean's Wednesday. Ever since this incident, Sam is a little more uptight in regards to Tuesday.

On May 1, 2008, in New Harmony, Indiana - Dean's deal came full circle. Lilith needed to be faced, and Bobby kept seeking a solution to spare Dean from his destiny. In spite of all of their best efforts, Dean was collected by the hounds - as scheduled - Ruby was murdered - and Sam and Bobby were left behind, left as battered witnesses to the scene. Sam had witnessed his very own brother, and his best friend, be torn and ripped apart by hells forces. Following this event, Sam developed a severe drinking problem. Much like his brother had done, Sam attempted to strike a deal with a crossroads demon, but was unsuccessful. Ruby resurfaced - With a new agenda to kill Lilith.

On September 18, 2008 - Dean was raised from perdition by Castiel, and woke in a coffin in Pontiac, Illinois after spending 4 months in hell. However, Sam did not know of his brothers' return until after Bobby Singer - who Dean went to first. On the 20th, Bobby and Dean came to reunite the siblings in Pontiac, Illinois. Only one day after their reunion, the trio spent 2 days battling ghosts in Bobby's house as the Rising of the Witnesses occurred.

On May 13 of 2009 - Sam and Dean failed to prevent Lucifer's Rising - Since Sam killed Lilith under Ruby's advice. Feeling responsible for starting the apocalypse, Sam couldn't quite come to terms with the fact that he had been tricked by a 'friend'. Only a week after, the brothers took down the first of four horsemen: War - and acquired his ring in River Pass, Colorado.

On June 1, of 2009 - Dean and Sam decided to split up - Since Dean could no longer trust Sam, due to his interactions with the demons. Hurt, but complying, Sam departed to Garber, Oklahoma. They remained separated until August 25, 2009.

In March of 2010, Sam and Dean traveled to Blue Earth, Minnesota where they came face to face with the Whore of Babylon - and found a way to kill her.

In May, 2010, Sam followed through with his plan to say "yes" to Lucifer, with plans of trapping him in Lucifer's Cage. As a result of Sam's attempted heroics, Michael, Lucifer, and Sam all ended up in Lucifer's Cage. Several months later - October 13, 2010, Sam was returned to the Earth without his soul. As such, he did not inform his brother of his return. Later, Castiel revealed the truth about Sam to Dean, before the boys helped their grandfather Samuel hunt the Alpha Vampire.

In December of 2011, while Dean was off trying to save his soul from Lucifer's cage with Death - Sam recalled what Castiel had said about his soul being dangerously damaged, and summoned Balthazar to find a way to keep it out. In an attempt to taint his soul, Sam attempted to follow Balthazar's advice and kill his father-figure Bobby to taint his body so much that his soul couldn't return. Later that day, Death restored Sam's soul, using a wall to keep the memories of Hell out of Sam's head - With the risk that it would break at any moment - Especially if Sam "scratched" at the wall.

Presently, he, Dean, and Bobby (who is still obviously wary of him) are on Eve's trail, and her new type of monster in Sandusky, Ohio.


Miserable, in the passenger side seat of the Impala, sat a brooding Sam Winchester. While Dean went along his merry little way to fill his 'baby' with her 'life juices' he had called them, Sam couldn't restrain the thoughts that had been haunting him since his soul was restored. He knew the danger, of course. That the wall could collapse, rendering him the “King of the Crop” in a quite literal sense, and in doing so condemn him eternally to some institution – Where he would be lost to the world, for no professional could possibly be prepared to handle a soul that had been skinned alive in Hell. Contrary to popular belief, his thoughts lay not with the possibility of the dam bursting, rather than with the mystery of what sort of sins he had committed without a soul. He was beginning to remember, and the memories that were flickering through his mind were far from pleasant. Overwhelmed with shame, Sam kept his secrets deep within himself. He told himself that Dean could never forgive him, but the nagging in the back of his head reminded him that it was he who could not forgive himself. He was guilty of his sins this time, and since he had served as Lucifer's vessel, he honestly believed that redemption would forever be far out of his reach. All he could do was settle for apologizing for the actions he committed while he was soulless.

They had just entered the town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Destination: Bobby Singer. Bobby Singer. Sam sighed at the thought, and rested his head against the window. He knew that Dean was trying to protect him by keeping his knowledge to himself, but Sam needed to know. Something had happened between himself and Bobby, and whatever had transpired had strained whatever relationship they had before. He could tell that Bobby was avoiding him, and there were no answers to be found anywhere. In his desperation to receive answers, he had even tricked the angel Castiel, who gave a small piece of the puzzle freely. He had indeed been soulless. All he knew now was that he needed to make amends where he could, and that could take time. Trust had to be earned, especially when it came to Bobby.

Sam had not been conscious of the fact that the hot sun was beating down on him through the windshield. He had not even noticed that Dean had returned to his side, and that they were moving. ”Dean. I'm sorry.” He said for about the millionth time. ”I know you're going to say it wasn't me, but it was me, and I'm the only one who can set things right. I have to take accountability for my actions. I don't know what happened between me and Bobby, but I can tell that he's avoiding me. Do you know anything?” Of course he knew that his brother wouldn't answer him about this. His brother wanted nothing more than to protect him from the mental cataclysm that would – eventually – be his fate. Sam did not look at his brother as he spoke. Instead, he focused on the familiar looking landscape and foreboding buildings that ticked down the time until they reached their location. The routine would repeat itself, once they arrived. Dean would speak with Bobby, who would in turn ignore Sam. Maybe this time he wouldn't even go inside. Defeated, Sam knew that he had lost that war before it even began. He had to go inside, because apparently Chuck had sent a message – Chuck, the Prophet, who had managed to pull off a disappearing act that would have made Houdini proud. Of all the talents that Chuck possessed, Sam would never have guessed that he was a Grade A magician.

Soon enough, the Impala came to a rest, leaving Sam to spare a single sideways glance at his self-proclaimed guardian before opening the door and stepping out. Swallowing, he stood tall, and tried to force himself to at least look normal. The last thing he needed was Bobby to suddenly take an attitude out on him for being 'strange', or 'up to something', or even just say 'idjit'. How was he supposed to repair whatever was broken, if he was unable to identify the pieces? He followed Dean silently, not daring to meet anyone's eyes, and allowed Dean to handle all of the talking. Dean had a way with Bobby, and was always able to get straight to business – Something that the no-nonsense veteran seemed to appreciate.

”Well, if that's all, I'm going to go out for a bit. You two better go see what the Lord's messenger has to say. You never know when he'll get tired of waiting and just smite you where you stand... Idjits..”

It lifted the hunters spirits slightly to hear the familiar intonation in his father-figures voice – Even if it hadn't been directed at him in particular. The fact that he had said 'two' had meant that he had been included in conversation again – Which was a good first step toward fixing their family. Keeping up with Dean, he found his feet were on auto-pilot, as they turned in to meet a '1 New Message' notification plastered across the monitor. ”What do you think it is?” Sam inquired, folding his arms over his chest as Dean began the playback. At first the picture was dark, and blurry, before the image finally adjusted to the lighting and focused in on Chuck.

”Sam. Dean. I have to say I'm sorry, to both of you, and I-”

Sam arched a brow, staring at the usually eloquent man struggle with finding words. Wasn't that what writers did for a living? Find words? Express their feelings? Sam found himself surprised that the man on the other end of the recording had lost his tongue to the cat. What was more, was that Chuck was also avoiding eye contact with the camera – Maybe he was reading a notecard or something?

”I don't know what to really tell you. I could give you the same lie I've been telling everybody. I could tell you everything will be alright; that someone is there to watch over you, but we all know that's not true. We want to believe we have good intentions, but we don't. Look at what I did to you; what my children have done to you.”

As Chuck drank from his whiskey, Sam shot a glance at Dean. ”So what he's saying is he knocked some chick up and that's why he disappeared, and now his babies are out to get us?” Stranger things had happened in the life of the Winchesters...

”My name is not Chuck Shurley. Well, not really. Chuck is my vessel, just like Jimmy is Castiel's. I have many names, too many to list sometimes, but you might know me as...” Sam bit his tongue, hanging on Chuck's every word. Maybe he wasn't eloping at all. Perhaps he was just drunk. ”My name isn't important. What is should be the both of you. All of humanity. Every single person on this plane of existence is so much more important than they know.”

”O-kay.... It seems like our Prophet has changed professions and is now planning to run for Miss America.” He observed out loud. Feeling as though Chuck had heard him, he watched as Chuck straightened in his chair, and actually looked back into the camera.

”Sam, I once told you there had to be a reason for why you did the things you did. I said there was some greater power at work and there is always a reason, and you know I'm right. I was right then, and I am right now.” Sam frowned. Of course he was right, but that didn't mean that Sam had to like or appreciate the fact. What sort of bigger picture sent two brothers to hell, made them vessels, and constantly tested their patience Ala trials and tribulations? What was the purpose of this omnipotent powers work? For some reason, the truth behind Chuck's words brought little to no comfort as he had once thought it would. Sam had always had faith in God and his angels, but in light of recent events – He wasn't so sure.

”Dean, all the times you prayed to me for help, begged me for some kind of intervention, I want you to know I heard you. But I couldn't. I swore to myself I would never take part in Earthly affairs ever again, not for a long time, and this is not that time. But something bad is happening, I can feel it. I wouldn't be back if it wasn't.”

Sam frowned after hearing Chuck's last bit of dialogue, and struggled to keep up with his own mind process. ”He's saying he's God.” He wasn't sure if this news would even surprise him anymore, considering all of the facts. He had all ready danced with the Devil, so who was to say that God wasn't within a tangible distance too? Biblically speaking they were opposites, right? So, if one was present, maybe the other was required to maintain the balance of the natural order, or something. Whatever it was, it was above his pay grade. Sam forced himself to seriously consider the fact that they had could have come face to face with God and not even have known it. Wasn't Dean's necklace supposed to be able to work as a God-radar? Weighing the chances, Sam finally formulated his own opinion. "I believe him, a Prophet wouldn't commit blasphemy knowing it's unforgiven. I think - We might be in over our heads here." Well, honestly, there was no maybe about it.

”I can be cruel, I can be wrathful, but I am nothing if not caring for all the things I've created. I take care of my own, I watch over them, but I can't stop my children from tearing themselves apart. I can't stop Hell from boiling over into this world. There is only so much I can control and that's why I need you. We need you. The things you've done, the feats you've accomplished, those were because you have the will to do what is right for this world and the next. I'm a man of my word. I promised I would help you as much as I could and I did what I could. I didn't know who I was then but I know now."

”What if we don't want to?!” Sam spat, frustration suddenly brimming within him. ”Haven't we done enough? We've averted an apocalypse. We've both gone to Hell. We've both died, and for what?! You can't take accountability for this? You're God, right? All powerful. The Alpha and Omega. The king of the hill. Why does it have to be us?!” He demanded, forgetting momentarily that Chuck was only a recording. It wasn't like Chuck could hear them – Or maybe it was exactly that. Huffing, Sam threw his hands in the air and held his tongue. Yelling at a projected image wasn't going to accomplish much, except for further angering him. Maybe he should be honoured that he was chosen to serve God on such a level, but presently Sam had bigger issues weighing on his mind. For instance, his own soul caving in and killing him.

Again, it was as if Chuck God had heard him. Gritting his teeth, Sam turned his back on the monitor hiding his own inner turmoil from both his brother and the man who really couldn't see them through a computer monitor – he hoped. Everyone has their part to play, even me. And together I think we can do some real good in this world. I'm sorry for all of it, and for what is about to come. You might not believe me now. Hell, you might even blame me. I don't blame you for that. But you have to understand that someone is there for you. Someone will always be there to watch out for you. What I'm trying to say is, even though I abandoned you both when you needed me most, when I abandoned everyone and everything I have ever loved, I made a mistake. I need your help now... I need all the help I can get."

"Fine. I'm in. But I expect a full ride to heaven, and a fixed soul, when all of this is over..." He muttered under his breath. Hell, it wasn't like he was going to start praying to Lucifer anytime soon...

 Posted: Jul 2 2013, 12:21 AM

WRITER: Khione




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Oh, Sammy...just walk it off, kid. It'll be okay. xD

Great job on a detailed history, and I loved the sample, I could practically hear Sam's voice in my head while I was reading it! Your Sam is a breath of fresh air to me as it has been a long time since I've seen a well written Sam.

You are amazing!

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