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 Glass, Baylor, Hunter | Jeremy Renner | Simi
Baylor Glass
 Posted: May 6 2013, 10:34 AM





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Please come now I think I'm falling
I'm holding on to all I think is safe
It seems I found the road to nowhere
And I'm trying to escape
I yelled back when I heard thunder
But I'm down to one last breath

32 - Ex-Marine - Hunter - Jeremy Renner

Baylor Gerald Glass


Baylor is a classic example of a Casualty of War. Yes, he has his scars, but his scars run much deeper than the flesh. Do not let his looks fool you. Sometimes, he might have a charm, but normally, he’s very cold and anti-social. He suffers from more than just post-traumatic stress disorder, but depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. People often consider him to be a landmine more that just a ticking time bomb. It’s not something that could be timed, but the right push that will cause him to go off. Since returning back from the war, he hasn’t been the same. He’s cut himself off from the world. That includes the very people that he was close to: his family. Baylor was known to be a good big brother to his siblings, but he couldn’t be around them after the incident. He couldn’t risk their safety. He’s often seen alone with a drink in his hand if he isn’t off killing some sons of bitches. He doesn’t mind female companionship either, but they are only allowed to stay a certain amount of time before he starts to become unstable and her safety becomes an issue. He often assures they know to leave as soon as they are done. Not to be rude to her, but he has no choice. The last thing he needs to worry is him hurting a woman by mistake. He was taught well by his mother to be a gentleman while his father taught him to be a man. That is one thing about his family that he keeps close to him: the lessons that he was taught.

Baylor is a man of sacrifice. He gave up his life and his loved ones to assure their safety from anything that would want to go after them to get to him. They might as well think he’s dead. Which isn’t too far from how he feels. He was a great marine once. A man with morals, honor, and integrity, but now he feels dead on the inside. There is no light. There is only darkness. He feels he caused his unit’s death. Others may say it was an accident, but he knows the truth. He couldn’t stop it. He watched as they were all killed off. One by one, each marine was killed. They were skilled and Baylor wasn’t strong enough to save them.

Words from the wise, he often gives advice to young folk. He’s practically an old man at his age. He’s experienced life and death and nearly killed more times than he can count. He’s experienced many things that taught him what he knows. He isn’t one to turn his back from someone in need. Whether it would be kid who looks sad, or a woman in distress, he would do what he could. Either take down who he needs to, or give a few good words. While he might be very wise for his age, he is very judgemental. He doesn’t trust easily and has good reasons to do so. Demons and shape shifters are sneaky bastards and they tried to get close to him. Thanks to his gut, he could act sooner than later. Saved his life more times than once.


With his training, he’s a great marksman and knows how to handle a large variety of guns. He was a sniper on a few missions. He was trained to be a great swimmer. Hand-to-hand combat is one of his specialties. He’s often training his body to this day, to keep up with anything that is thrown his way. He can’t be rusty. He is able to bench press 220 pounds from his 300 before the bombing. The shrapnel in his arms and legs tend to limit him more. He can run longer than the average person at 3 miles in 21 minutes.

Baylor was always known to people around him as a man with a strong intuition. SOmetimes he couldn’t explain the feelings that he got and why he got them. It’s not like we’re saying he’s psychic. Not by far. He could be able to subconsciously read a situation and have a feeling hit him without seeing or thinking of logic behind it. He doesn’t want to say anything bad about his intuition. It’s saved his ass many times over.

Yes, Baylor can come off cold and anti-social. There is no doubt about that. However, sometimes would call for him to smile and charm his way around. No one is going to talk to someone who’s always grumpy or cold, but someone who has a sparkle in his eye and could talk his way into even the hardest girl’s panties. Everyone loves a guy who has a charm about him, but he does have his limits.

When answers are hard to get, Baylor has no problem cutting off any all emotions to get what he needs. Torture and interrogation tactics are something that he had to learn. Working with terrorists and the enemy, you learned fast to cut off all human emotions to get what you need to get. There are a few things he wouldn’t do, since he has some human moral, but to the imagination, nothing is impossible.


Baylor is all human. He bleeds red. He needs rest daily to function normally. Has no inhuman abilities or enhancements minus the the hard work he puts into his body to stay strong. Cut off his head, he doesn’t grow two more. He dies. He knows and expects that he will die one day and he awaits the day that it will happen.

War is a bitch, but somebody has to do it.. He knew that when he entered the military. The war and the struggles to survived have impacted him tremendously. He was diagnosed with PTSD and severe depression. He suffers from horrible nightmares every time he falls asleep. So horrible, that he becomes violent and wakes up in cold sweat. The memories of the attack on his unit still haunts him to this day. To drown his nightmares and his bad memories, he drinks until he hits the bottom of the bottle. It is his way out and doesn’t care if it kills him.

He has suffered many battle wounds over the years, but one stands out more than others. On his right side (arm, leg, and side), he has rough scars where he had suffered from shrapnel from a bomb that he had accidentally triggered during friendly fire. This had limited on his strength, more importantly, on his mental stability. It’s a constant reminder of his inability to save his team. This triggers his anti-sociability. He doesn’t go out and become friends with anyone and he sure as hell doesn’t want to. He doesn’t even like when women try to touch his scars. He’ll become cold and an asshole instantly.


Baylor’s childhood was normal as normal could get. Being a military brat, he traveled and moved a lot. His father climbed the ranks throughout Baylor’s life and finally retired as a General from the Marines. Baylor looked up to his father and loved his mother. They taught him so much. In high school, Baylor was always the outgoing kid. He was a cocky bastard. He slept with as many women he could get his hands on, but his mother ever found out that he mistreated any of them, she would have his head. He is the oldest of three children, Harlow (now 30) and Beau (28). He was always protective of his family. It was something that he got from his mother but got the trait, to do what it took to protect them, from his father.

When he graduated from high school, he quickly in listed in the marines to follow in the footsteps of his father. He climbed his ranks and kept his father proud. His mother on the other hand was always worried about her oldest son. She didn’t want anything to happen to him but knew that he was trying to be a good person. His sister entered the marines shortly after he did, and he wasn’t happy about that. Yes, his sister had great potential, but it was his sister. He had no choice, but to support her and be there for her when she needed him.

It took him two years to rank from Private First Class to Lance Corporal. He was 21 when he got his promotion. At 23, he became a Corporal and kept climbing. Five years ago, the young Sergeant and his team was called out on mission. There had been reports of attacks on a town. His commander suspected it to be the Taliban, but when they got there, it was nothing like they had never dealt with before. The people were yelling out demon. A demon had taken their love ones: Two children and a man. They were taken the passed three nights back to back.

His unit went out to search for the Taliban’s hideout, but they didn’t find it. Instead, they followed large and inhuman tracks that lead to a beast towards the desert. The man that was taken was now in pieces and it was eating him. It looked humanoid, but wasn’t. The feet were of goat, and it’s body was disgusting and almost red. His entire unit tried to take it down, but they were being tossed and taken down one by one like they were just rag dolls. Baylor reached in his back satchel for a grenade, but his foot tapped against something. He glanced down and saw an edge of an object in the dirt. “MOVE!” he called out to his unit and started to run away from the blast, he managed to get to a distance from it. HIs arm came up and covered his face. The blast caused him to be knocked away. The shrapnel had torn through his armor and uniform into his flesh. He was bleeding out from his wounds and coughing up blood and all he could do was watch as his unit was being shredded to pieces. Then everything went dark.

He had awoken in a helicopter and someone patching up his wounds. He was informed that they were attacked by the Taliban, but he told them it wasn’t. It was something else. They looked at him oddly and told him that the Taliban had been kidnapping people around for some time and it was them. The bodies of his unit, had disappeared from the scene and it was just him and another who was hit by the landmine. He was dead on the scene and Baylor was barely alive. He given honorary discharge.

When he returned to the states, he stayed with his brother before he got his own place. Each and every time he closed his eyes, he saw that horrible image. The death of his unit and how he couldn’t save them. He blamed himself. His intuition failed him that night with that creature. He knew that there was something more out there. So he went searching for it. There were only a few answers, but there were more questions than before. He left his family behind and started on the road looking for answers only to find his true meaning. He became a hunter and never looked back.


Baylor couldn't help but smile to her. Not just with his mouth, but with his eyes. He hadn't smiled like that in a very long time. No even during his years in the Service had he smiled like there was something there that was beautiful and carefree as there was now. No other woman had he ever dated or had been with was like this sweet young woman who was in front of him. “Well, I think you are indeed that role model that others can look up to. Why not? What's not to look up to?” He said to her. She was beautiful. Bright and cheerful like the radiant sun. She was clearly very intelligent. There was much about her that was something to look to up. He would if he wasn't clearly taller than the poor girl.

You gave up being an Marine to come here and protect the innocent.

Nodding, he looked down at his hands. “Yeah. Well sort of. I kind of quit before hand, but I figured I can do more as a hunter than a man in the service and prepare others more deeply was the best way to do with my life. Though, I wouldn't be scared of the students, they would have to be scared of me. I tolerate slacking especially with the monsters.” He told her smiling. His eyes trailed to her hand. He wanted to hold it and he didn't know why. If he did, he wondered if she could find it offending or creepy. He didn't want to come off as the creepy teacher. Then he had other teachers that he had to worry about. What would they think of his simple actions? He could get into a lot of trouble and cause trouble for this girl in front of him.

He kept learning so much more about this girl. She was allergic to apples and he would remember that. Everything, he had remembered so far. They way she talked. Her expressions. He didn't understand it. He was so drawn to her. Could he really be attracted to a student? In his mind, he wondered if she might be attracted to him. He wanted to compliment her. Tell her how beautiful she was, but he didn't want to scare her off. “I'll be sure to remember that. Nothing apple for Ms. Sky.” Baylor said giving a chuckle.

Baylor hoped that he would see her the next morning, but he wouldn't. “That is too bad. I was hoping to see a pretty familiar face around here.” He told her. “Maybe I could squeeze you in? If you need any help, I have no problem at all helping you. Though, you do seem very smart so you might not need my help.” That saddened him, but he just wore a smile on his face. Then she assumed that he would forget her. That assumption was very wrong. He could never forget her. He hadn't this far. “I could never find another favorite. And I could never forget you.” He laughed and teased the poor girl.

ALIAS: Simi | TIMEZONE: Eastern | GENDER: Female | AGE: 24
 Posted: May 7 2013, 08:45 PM





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Simi, Simi, Simi... I have to admit, I didn't know what to expect when I started reading your application. However, you kept me hooked start to finish, and his tale is so well-rounded and balanced, that I have nothing but praise for you. Thank you so much for a really good read and welcome to By Virtue Fall! <3

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